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Greenway's Tar B Gone


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  • Quickly remove stubborn road tar

  • Excellent at removing road paint when used in conjunction with a plastic razor scraper

  • Eliminates the need for hard scrubbing to remove tar and road paint

  • Slow flashing allows the product to have extended working time

  • Excellent to use on lower body panels before the detailing process



Greenway's Tar B Gone is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to remove tar, silicone, polish, sealers, and other road grime from the exterior of your vehicle. Tar B Gone has a unique blend of solvents that quickly cleans, removes, and prepares your vehicle for polishing and waxing.


How to Use:

Greenway's Tar B Gone is an excellent product to use before or after the washing process. In contrast, the professional detailer sometimes frowns upon using Tar B Gone before the washing process. Tar B Gone used before the washing process can eliminate wash mitt and clay bar contamination. You are most likely to find tar and other contamination on the lower portions of the vehicle body. Using a high-pressure wash to remove any severe debris off the vehicle surface, you can quickly determine what tar is and what is not. Black-colored vehicles make it harder to see the tar, so we always recommend using Tar B Gone on the lower panels before a clay bar ever makes contact with these panels. Once a clay bar has been embedded in tar, we suggest discarding the clay bar as the tar will be impossible to remove and can cause cross-contamination and paint defects.

Tar B Gone can be sprayed onto a rag and then rubbed onto the surface. However, be aware the rag will absorb most of the product, and Tar B Gone will not be as effective. We suggest with MOST surfaces, apply Tar B Gone by misting the product onto the surface and let dwell for a few seconds. Most users are too quick to remove the product in fear and impatience. Tar B Gone is perfectly safe on surfaces with FUNCTIONAL, clear coats, and is not damaged by improper maintenance.

The type of towel combined with Tar B Gone will also make a difference. Tar B Gone combined with a terry towel will provide exceptional cleaning but leave micro-swirling due to the fiber's aggressiveness. Combining Tar B Gone with a microfiber cleaning cloth will give a gentler cleaning effect. We suggest using our bug blocks or plastic razor blade for extreme tar or line paint. Many of these options might require light polishing after the removal due to the surface defects now created. The bigger problem (tar and road paint) is often removed, and you are left with slight marring or paint defects from your chosen solution. This is entirely normal. We ALWAYS suggest starting from the least aggressive to the most aggressive cleaning method. Listed below is the least to most aggressive methods of procedure, in our opinion:

  • A high-pressure wash can sometimes remove "fresh" line paint and tar
  • Tar B Gone + a decal scraper
  • Tar B Gone + a plastic razor blade

We suggest ALWAYS following up with a wax or sealant after using Tar B Gone. This product will strip many sealants and waxes off the surface and leave the surface with no protection. Leaving the car with no protection can cause issues with clear coat failure shortly. Depending on the method chosen above, light polishing by machine or hand can remove minor defects that are more noticeable in darker-colored vehicles. Tar B Gone will not affect all SIO2 coatings. You can remove the spray and wipe SIO2 coatings with Tar B Gone.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • Using Tar B Gone before the wash process can help extend the life of your wash mitts and allow for easier removal of Tar B Gone before the washing stage.
  • Never use this product on uncoated or painted surfaces. It can easily ruin some plastic surfaces and remove the color coat. If you are unsure, always test the product in an inconspicuous area or contact us for further assistance.
  • You should not use Tar B Gone without the proper eye, face, respiratory, and body protection. While the same protocol applies to most professional chemicals, Tar B Gone is one of our most potent chemicals. Please use the appropriate safety measures advised above.
  • Tar B Gone will quickly destroy the rubber O-rings in standard triggers. If you want to prolong the trigger's life, remove and spray clean water through the trigger after use. Put a non-dispensing cap on top of Tar B Gone and leave the trigger aside.
  • Tar B Gone can work on carpets and floor mats but ALWAYS TEST an inconspicuous spot before using and allow the vehicle to AIR OUT! If tar is on carpeted floor mats, remove the floor mats from the car to proceed with the use of the product.
  • If possible, when dealing with line paint, it is best to remove the top surface first with a plastic decal scraper or plastic razor blade. Removing the top portion first will allow the product to work into the remaining residue for easy removal.
  • When tar and paint become caked into wheel wells, removing the paint with a high-pressure wash is close to the surface. You USUALLY do not have to worry about the adverse side effects of a high-pressure wash close to the wheel well plastics. Many times the paint will come right off in seconds, especially if the paint is fresh. Using plastic spray paint can help renew the wheel's look well if you used Tar B Gone. Remember using Tar B Gone on plastic panes that are uncoated will remove some color coat and cause the surface area to appear dull.



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