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Bug and Tar Removal Sponge | 3" x 5" x 3" - Greenway's Car Care Products

Bug and Tar Removal Sponge | 3" x 5" x 3"


  • Rinses easy and can be used dozens of times before replacement is needed

  • Great to use around the kitchen

  • 3" x 5" x 3"



Greenway's Bug and Tar Removal Block takes care of the typical love bug problem in Florida and other warm climate areas. These bugs get “baked” onto the car surface and may damage the paint if left too long on the clear coat surface. Greenway's Bug and Tar Removal Block combined with Greenway's Bugs B Gone is no match for bug residue.


How To Use:

Our bug and tar removal sponge will be stiff upon arrival, which is entirely normal.  After placing the sponge in your wash bucket, the sponge will soften up and become perfectly safe for automobile surfaces. We suggest marking your sponge or keeping one separate if you are using one of the sponges for the rocker panel area. This way, any tar or heavy debris that gets captured in the sponge will not be transferred to delicate surfaces such as mirrors, bumpers, and the front end of your vehicle. After you are finished with the sponge, we suggest taking the bug sponge out of the wash bucket.  Depending on the pH level of the products you are using, the sponge could be affected by sitting in the solution until the next use.



Greenway's Bug and Tar Removal Block works well in the kitchen. Our block easily removes tough grease and residue from pots, pans, and plates without scratching or holding debris.