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Greenway's Soft Wash Mitt - Greenway's Car Care Products

Greenway's Soft Wash Mitt



  • Plush scratch-free car wash mitt

  • It holds four to five times its weight in soap and water, which allows a quick wash and rinse process

  • Elastic cuff securely keeps wash mitt on your hand, and a large opening will fit any hand size

  • Machine washable for heavy dirt and grime removal

  • Quickly flip the mitt over and use the other side if needed during the washing process



Greenway's Car Washing Mitt will safely remove dirt and grime but is easy on the clear coat finish. This ultra-plush wash mitt will hold countless suds, which will help suspend any dirt particles and debris into the solution, where you can quickly rinse the vehicle. Greenway's Wash Mitt will hold four to five times its weight in soap and weather, requiring fewer bucket dips and allow for a faster washing and rinsing process. Greenway's Car Washing Mitt is machine-washable - ideal for extended use. This mitt is perfect to use on the entire vehicle or as a second mitt for the body panels' lower sections. Combine Greenway's Car Washing Mitt with any of Greenway's premium car shampoos, and you're guaranteed to have a fast, effective, and swirl-free washing experience!