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Wikked Suds | Scented High Foaming Car Soap for Foam Cannons


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  • Utilize as a touchless high pH car soap with a foam cannon or traditional bucket wash 

  • High foaming car soap solution easily clings, penetrates, and removes heavy grime from the dirtiest vehicles

  • Excellent for oversized vehicles where washing of surfaces is hard to reach

  • Multi-purpose car soap you can dilute in a spray bottle and use as a bug remover, tire, and wheel cleaner

  • Dilution rates up to 200:1 for remain effective for light debris

  • Excellent for fleet washing when combined with a foam cannon



Wikked Suds is our most robust multi-purpose car soap solution. Trying to remove heavy debris from a variety of surfaces is easily accomplished when using Wikked Suds. The high foaming surfactants penetrate through heavy grime while clinging to the surface to allow maximum grime removal.

Wikked Suds remains safe and highly effective on clear coat, aluminum, rubber, metal, and plastic when appropriately used. Surfaces will not become etched or faded.

Unlike traditional car soaps, Wikked Suds quickly penetrates and removes bug residue, cleans wheels, tires, lower rocker panels, wheel wells, undercarriages, and virtually every surface where extreme dirt and grime accumulate.

Wikked Suds is compatible with the traditional bucket wash or when using a foam cannon.


Bucket Wash Method:

  • Add approximately 3 to 4 ounces of Wikked Suds to a standard 5-gallon pail. Use a high-pressure hose or pressure washer to fill the bucket and to create a thick lather. 
  • Wash vehicles surfaces with light pressure as heavy scrubbing are unnecessary in most cases due to this solution remaining effective as a touchless wash solution. Rinse the solution entirely from the vehicle’s surfaces.
  • You can dilute approximately 3 to 4 ounces of Wikked Suds in a 32-ounce HDPE spray bottle. Use this dilution to clean wheels, tires, undercarriages, bug residue, wheel wells, and more. Spray solution onto the surface, let dwell for approximately 30 seconds and agitate with the appropriate accessory. Rinse the soap off.


Foam Cannon Method:

  • Add approximately 1-2 ounces in a 32-ounce HDPE spray bottle. Using a PET bottle will not withstand the pH level of the solution and eventually disintegrate the plastic.
  • Slowly fill the bottle with cold water and LIGHTLY mix the solution using a side-to-side motion.
  • If you use Wikked Suds as your primary touchless car soap for all surfaces, first clean the heaviest debris areas. Wheels, tires, the front end of vehicles, undercarriages, and wheel wells first. Save the main body for last as you do not want Wikked Suds drying on the surface.
  • Rinse the solution entirely from the surfaces. Thoroughly clean the foam cannon by rinsing it with water. Cleaning the foam cannon will prevent any residue buildup and deterioration of the O-rings in your foam cannon.


Car Detailing TechTips:

  • Never spray Wikked Suds onto an extremely hot surface. Always rinse the surface with cool water before applying Wikked Suds.
  • Use the appropriate dedicated cleaners for surfaces that are highly contaminated. I.e., Wheels, tires, bug removal, etc. Wikked Suds IS NOT A REPLACEMENT for trustworthy solutions that work superior when used on the appropriate surface.
  • Wikked Suds can penetrate and remove many non-ceramic-based coatings. It is essential to follow up with a spray solution such as RMBLithiumWash and Shine, or another product that will provide environmental protection.
  • Rinse foam cannon internals with water after use. Allowing Wikked Suds to remain within the O-rings can shorten their life span.
  • Wikked Suds will break down many traditional clay bars when used at a lower dilution. If you are using Wikked Suds as a preparation car soap before a full detail, ensure your dilution solution is approximately 200 to 1 when utilizing certain clay bars.

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