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Volt- Ceramic Coating Concentrate and Drying Agent


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  • Ceramic spray coating and drying agent concentrate 

  • Can be applied to a wet or dry vehicle

  • Will provide protection to all exterior surfaces

  • Can be used on rubber, trim, plastic, glass, vinyl, paint, metal and more

  • Outstanding for lighter color vehicles but works on all vehicle colors

  • Protection can last several weeks depending on vehicle use and weather conditions 

  • Be sure to purchase an empty 1 gallon jug or 5 gallon jug if needed

  • Compatible with any existing coating  

  • 6-ounce concentrate makes 1 ready to use gallon.  31-ounce concentrate makes 5 ready to use gallons 

  • Extremely economical to use on every vehicle wash

Volt is a ultra-concentrated ceramic drying aid and quick detailer in one.  Volt can be used directly after rinsing the shampoo solution off of the vehicle in order to quickly remove any standing water while providing gloss, slickness and protection in one easy step.   You can simply towel dry the vehicle surface or rinse the surface again with water in order to remove any standing product and dry.  When using a towel or chamois to remove any remaining Volt from the vehicle surface, you will enhance the paintwork and longevity versus rinsing Volt off of the surface. Note: Make sure all shampoo is removed from the vehicle PRIOR to applying Volt. 

Volt can also be applied to a dry vehicle. Simply MIST the panel with Volt and wipe the product off with a soft microfiber towel. Can also be misted onto a soft microfiber towel and then applied to surface. Note: Applying Volt to a microfiber towel will use excess product due to absorption, but can help with areas where overspray is of concern. 

Volt is similar to our Fusion spray coating, but does not include any graphene within the product.  This will not have the darkening paint effect as Fusion does, in which Volt performs exceptionally well on lighter color vehicles that are difficult to "pop". Volt can be used on any existing coating, wax, sealant or glaze, but the display properties of Volt will change depending on the existing topcoat. 

How to use:

Volt must be diluted with DISTILLED WATER.  Simply add the 6-ounce bottle to approximately 122 ounces of distilled water and shake well.  The solution is now ready to use.  The 31-ounce bottle should be added to approximately 609 ounces of DISTLLED WATER. Shake well and the solution is now ready to use.

On dry surface: Spray Volt directly onto the surface and wipe off with a soft microfiber towel.

On wet surface: Ensure that all remaining shampoo is removed from the exterior of the vehicle and mist onto the entire exterior of the vehicle. You can do section by section, or the entire vehicle at once depending on weather conditions (e.g., hot, sunny climates).  Dry with the chamois or soft drying towel.

Longevity:  Volt can last several weeks or longer depending on users driving patterns, weather conditions, washing schedule etc. 


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