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Vamoose Glass Water Repellent | Glass Sealant - Greenway's Car Care Products

Vamoose Glass Water Repellent | Glass Sealant



  • Super-hydrophobic liquid glass treatment

  • Sheets water, improves visibility and makes window cleaning easier

  • Repels rain, snow, sleet and makes water bead and sheet off surface

  • Goes on crystal clear, hazes quickly and removes easily

  • One application can last up to 1 year or longer

  • Allow for quicker cleaning of windshield during washes and makes removing bug residue easier

  • 8 ounce bottle



Greenway's Vamoose is a ready to use liquid glass treatment. Vamoose is formulated to sheet water, improve visibility and make window cleaning easier. This product can also improve visibility during storms and driver safety by sheeting off rainwater. Vamoose can reduce glare, help remove bugs off your windshield easily and is extremely easy to apply.

Vamoose is an ultra hydrophobic coating that repels rain, snow, sleet and helps the water bead and sheet off the surface quickly. Vamoose goes on crystal clear, hazes fast and removes with ease. Apply Vamoose to the glass surface with a foam applicator and watch it quickly level and haze for a fast, effortless application that can last for several months. 


How to Use:

It is important to ensure the windshield or windows are completely free of any pre existing coating. Accomplish this by using 91-99% alcohol and wipe down the surface. Rinse any remaining alcohol off the glass, then allow to air dry.

Apply a few drops to an applicator and apply in a back and forth motion. After a few minutes, Once Vamoose starts to haze, you can wipe it off. When using a foam applicator, the applicator will be useless and discarded. You can use a product applicator, but due to the water-like consistency of Vamoose, some product waste can occur due to the absorption into the microfiber/cloth applicator.



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