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Rain Coat Ceramic Detail Spray and Coating Booster


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  • Creates the ultimate hydrophobic surface

  • Excellent contact angle of water droplets displays on the surface, which helps with drying

  • Adds excellent depth, gloss, and slickness to the surface

  • Apply to dry surface

  • Spreads thin and spreads quickly to reduce usage

  • "Flashes" quickly and is streak-free. Apply coating in minutes after preparing the surface correctly

  • Significantly reduces the chance of acid rain spotting 

  • Layer with multiple coats to provide months of protection

  • Protects paint, plastic, metal, and glass

  • Will not be degraded by extreme temperatures

  • Zero drying time, curing time, etc. Recoat instantly

  • UV absorber additive

  • Provided with an updated fine mist "full finger" trigger for 8 ounces, 16 ounces, and 32 ounces. This makes the application more manageable and more cost-effective. Smaller sizes supplied with a finger mist style trigger

  • Choose your scent



Greenway's Rain Coat replaces your standard wax, sealant, or any other type of topcoat of your choice, with a durable coating that can be layered and wiped on as easy as a detail spray.

The modified ceramic coating blend within Rain Coat helps reduce wetting "hydrophilic." The contact angle of the water droplet is so excellent that much of the surface can become hydrophobic. The hydrophobic property of Rain Coat dramatically reduces the chance of any remaining water or debris sitting on the surface.

The ceramic blend within Rain Coat helps fill the smallest areas on the clearcoat, plastic, or glass, which helps create a hydrophobic surface. As you wash your vehicle, you will notice that the water will sheet off the car, leaving you with much less drying work, and it produces excellent beading.

Paint Preparation:

A properly cleaned vehicle is an essential application approach. You will need to remove any wax, sealant, or any other protective coating on the surface. Complete your wash by using our Cleanse Shampoo during the wash stage or by using Fresh on the car after the washing and drying stage. If the vehicle has any overspray or other particles on the clearcoat, please remove these items by using a clay bar treatment or fallout remover.



Apply Rain Coat to a dry surface. After rinsing all the remaining car shampoo off your vehicle, dry the car, and spray Rain Coat onto the surface. It is that simple.

Apply the second application to the dry surface. Spray Rain Coat onto the surface and wipe off. You will notice that the product quickly evaporates, allowing ease of use, and only a small amount is needed to complete the entire vehicle. Typically, 2 ounces to 6 ounces of the product are required to coat an entire vehicle. The amount of product used can significantly increase depending on the trigger type you choose! Some triggers put out much more ml per stroke!

We recommend using a quality microfiber towel to apply and remove the coating. As you apply the ceramic coating, you will observe that most of the product will actually "flash" off the surface, allowing for less wiping, quicker application, and reduced chance of marring.



You can use any standard pH-balanced shampoo when washing your vehicle, but we do not recommend using shampoos with wax in them. While the wax will not harm the coating, the wax will alter the coating's appearance and the characteristics of the water and dirt behavior. When the vehicle has a large amount of dirt on the surface, the water sheeting ability is not as apparent, but PROTECTION IS NOT COMPROMISED.  Wash and dry the vehicle, which will allow for characteristics of Rain Coat to return. 



Rain Coat can be layered and can hold multiple layers. Applying numerous layers can give months of protection. We also refer to protection and longevity as typical daily driving of your vehicle. As with many quick coatings, a user can expect to see longevity from a few months to a year, but driving patterns, vehicle storage, automated touchless car washes, and other factors can increase or decrease coating lifespan. 

Driving your vehicle through a touchless car wash or using heavy degreasers on the car will significantly affect the coating's longevity. We recommend hand washing your vehicle to avoid the low pH and high pH aggressive pre-soaks that you may find at many touchless car washes.

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