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Minimal - Rinse Free Multipurpose Washing Solution


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  • Extremely concentrated rinse-free rinseless wash solution.

  • Allows the user to wash their vehicle without the use of excess water

  • Excellent for winter vehicle washing or extreme temperature washing, mobile detailers, and users who have water usage regulations

  • 1-2 ounces of solution diluted per gallon of water provides a slick wash solution to help prevent swirl marks or scratches

  • Use as a mild clay lubricant, interior detailer, and glass cleaner



Extreme heat, freezing winter conditions, water restrictions, and no hose access are no longer an issue with keeping your paintwork in check! Our Minimal rinse-free washing solution allows you to safely, efficiently, and quickly wash your vehicle while avoiding marring and other wash-induced defects.


How To Use:

Two Wash Bucket Method:

The two-wash bucket method will use one wash pail of water and a second pail as a rinse pail. These pails will essentially hold approximately 3-5 gallons of water per pail. Your wash pail will contain roughly 1-2 ounces of minimal per gallon of water. The rinse pail will have only water. We highly suggest using a Grit Guard®️ in your rinse bucket and a Grit Guard®️/Washboard combo in your wash bucket.

Use a wash mitt, pad, sponge, or a long nap microfiber towel for this process.

Start from the top of the car and work your way down the vehicle. You want to the end with the rocker panels last. This portion of the car holds the most grime you’ll want to save it for last, so you aren’t picking up this dirt and getting it onto the rest of the car.

Place your mitt in the rinse water after every couple of panels, then place it back into your wash bucket to load it up with Minimal again. Try to utilize the Grit Guards®️ and washboard to help knock as much dirt out of the mitt, sponge, towel, etc.

After each panel is completed, you can dry the surface with a quality microfiber towel.  

Continue this method throughout the entire vehicle.


The One Bucket Method: The Greenway’s Preferred Method

Using one bucket of clean water filled with approximately 2-3 gallons of water and the Minimal mixed solution, place a handful of clean, soft, absorbent microfiber towels within the bucket.

Take a 32-ounce spray bottle with a high output spray nozzle and fill it with this solution. 

Spray the entire panel down with the Minimal solution and allow it to dwell for a few seconds. Take your soft microfiber towel out of the wash solution and fold it so you have eight sides. Wipe the one panel with the one side of the towel and then dry this panel. DO NOT PLACE THE MICROFIBER TOWEL BACK INTO THE BUCKET.

Using the clean side of the towel, go to the next panel and repeat the process. Spray the panel with the solution, wipe the panel with the towel’s clean side, and dry the panel. DO NOT PLACE THE TOWEL BACK INTO THE BUCKET.

After all sides of the towel are used, go back into your bucket and grab another towel. The point of this method is that the dirt and grime removed from each panel never make their way back into the wash bucket. The presoak spray of the solution helps to lubricate the surface further and break up the debris before the microfiber towel touches the surface. The wash solution remains free of any contamination throughout the entire process. This process also uses less water, a grit guard/washboard is not needed, and only one bucket is required.

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