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Greenway's Microfiber Wash Mitt - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Microfiber Wash Mitt - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Microfiber Wash Mitt - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Microfiber Wash Mitt - Greenway's Car Care Products

Greenway's Microfiber Wash Mitt



  • An elastic cuff that helps keep mitt from sliding off

  • Extremely gentle on the most delicate clear coats

  • 70/30 premium microfiber blend

  • Super soft, plush and holds an abundance of suds

  • Machine washable

  • Will not scratch, swirl or hologram any clear coat or gel coat surface


This Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt is super soft, gentle on the paint and excellent on removing dirt and debris off the surface. The thick woven microfiber stands are placed within the wash mitt in order to capture an abundance of soap, which will eliminate washing time, provide more lubrication and reduce the chance of inducing swirl marks. The elastic cuff will not allow the mitt to fall off when washing your vehicle. The Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt can be machined washed and air dried. This mitt measures 9" by 11".


How to Use

It is important to start with a clean wash bucket. This wash bucket should have never had silicone in the bucket. Silicone is typically used in tire dressings and can cause issues with the foaming capabilities of your Greenway’s Wash Solution.  Many people believe that rinsing a bucket out that had wheel and tire brushes located in the bucket is good enough, but this is the furthest from the truth. Always start with a dedicated wash bucket that has never had contact with any silicone-based product.

Using a grit guard or another similar type of bottom bucket dirt separation device is always recommended for best results but is not always necessary depending on specific services you will be performing on a vehicle.

Place a few ounces of wash solution into the bucket and fill to the appropriate level with a high-pressure wash. Do not overuse any Greenway’s wash solution as they are extremely concentrated and a little goes a long way.  Dip your wash mitt into the wash solution and began washing the vehicle from top to bottom. We suggest always using two wash buckets or two different colored wash mitts to avoid contamination.  Many of your paint defects are actually induced by improper washing techniques. If the same wash mitt is used on the lower portions of a vehicle where heavy contamination can lay even after pre-rinsing the surfaces, this contamination can be transferred from the bottom to the top of the surfaces which can cause swirl marks, marring and fine scratches.

After washing the entire vehicle and rising off, simply store your wash mitt outside of the bucket and allow to air dry. Keeping your wash mitt immersed in water can cause premature breakdown of the fibers especially when using a high pH stripping wash.


Tech Tip


  • Use two dedicated wash buckets (one for the upper surfaces, one for the lower) or two different wash mitts that vary in color for ease of recognition (one for lower panels, one for upper panels)

  • Never use a bucket that had contact with any silicone product. Silicone can greatly reduce the foaming capabilities of any wash solution

  • Do not overuse the wash solution.  Greenway’s Car Care wash solutions are extremely concentrated and a little goes a long way.  Using a measuring cup that is dedicated for your wash solutions is an excellent, cheap and quick way to monitor your wash solution usage

  • Washing in hot, sunny conditions can be very difficult. Greenway’s Eco Wash is an excellent low foaming shampoo that is nearly self-rinsing and can help to avoid water spots

  • High-pressure wash can greatly affect the sudsy solution when compared to a regular garden hose pressure output. If you are using a garden hose to fill your wash solution bucket, try to use a fireman’s nozzle or another type of high-pressure nozzle to get the most out of our wash solutions

  • Wash solutions are a cheaper alternative to a clay bar lubricant spray.  If your vehicle does not have severe contamination and observing the particles being removed from the opacity of a clay lubricant is not necessary, using a shampoo can yield excellent results.  You can simply suds up the vehicle panels again after your main wash and rinse procedure and then start your clay process.  Our shampoos will provide great lubricity to allow the clay bar to slide on the clear coated surface (Do not use a strip wash with a clay bar. This might lead to deterioration of clay bar)

  • Using a dedicated soft body brush is an excellent choice to combine with your wash solution.  Grille areas, openings around mirrors and other crevices are extremely hard to reach with a wash mitt. Using an extremely soft body brush with a short handle will help you reach these areas while not marring the paint. This is an excellent method to use with Greenway's Bugs B Gone if insects are an issue

  • If working outdoors in very warm conditions where shade is not available, washing the one side of the vehicle that is not located in the sun will help reduce the chance for water spots and undesirable quick drying of the wash solution. You can then turn the vehicle around and proceed to wash the other side that is no longer in the direct sun.  While this technique might be somewhat of a hassle, it can be invaluable when conducting a  full detail and extensive contamination removal is needed by utilizing a clay bar