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Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products
Greenway's Leather Complete - Greenway's Car Care Products

Greenway's Leather Complete



  • New and improved formula

  • Lightly cleans, conditions leather, vinyl, and plastic interior surfaces

  • Leather Scented

  • Leaves a smooth finish

  • Will not leave leather or other components slippery

  • Feels dry to the touch

  • Less than 5 percent cleaner within Leather Complete.  Safe for the finest of leathers

  • Can be buffed down for a satin finish



Greenway's Leather Complete is the ultimate way to clean, renew and protect all your vinyl and leather surfaces. Greenway's Leather Complete cleans, softens, and conditions even the most delicate surfaces. Leather Complete never leaves a slippery finish, but rather an elegant semi-gloss finish with a hint of leather fragrance.

Greenway's Leather Complete contains the finest leather cleaning and protecting ingredients in order to restore and protect leather and vinyl surfaces. Leather Complete has self-leveling ingredients which allow Leather Complete to apply with ease and leave an even semi-gloss finish. Leather Complete will easily penetrate any leather or vinyl surface allowing the leather and vinyl conditioning process to be completed quickly and with ease. Leather Complete has a semi-thick consistency which allows controlled distribution onto the applicator of your choice.


How to Use:

It is vital that the surfaces are properly cleaned before the applicator of leather complete.  Leather Complete can be used as a light cleaner, but it is not recommended for leather that is severally dirty.  If your leather needs a deep cleaning, please use Greenway’s Vinyl and Leather Renewal prior to the application of Leather Complete.

After the surface is cleaned, use the appropriate applicator to apply leather completely.  While a microfiber towel can be used, a foam applicator will spread the product more evenly and cause less waste of material.  A microfiber towel is perfect for leveling any excess product off the surface after the application is complete. It is important to always move the seats to further positions in order to apply coverage to all the leather surfaces.   

After all the leather surfaces are complete you can check your work and look for any excess Leather Complete. Simply wipe leather complete with a soft absorbent towel. 

Please be aware if you have a Ford King Ranch vehicle your leather is most likely an aniline leather. There is no topcoat on this leather which helps retain the natural-looking properties of the surfaces (i.e. scars, marks, bites, pores, etc).  While our leather cleaner and conditioner will work, you must understand that the leather will darken and have a slight blotchy appearance.  This is perfectly normal and after several hours, the leather will eventually “level” and return to a more appealing even consistency.  A fan to speed up the drying process can be used or simply leaving the windows open during ideal weather conditions is appropriate as well.   Virtually every other vehicle on the road has leather that contains a topcoat and no drastic appearance will occur when using Leather Complete.


Tech Tip:

  • Never clean a leather surface with a degreaser. A degreaser will remove the topcoat from the surface and cause premature wear and color coat exposure. The only Greenway's cleaner that should be used is a gentle all-purpose cleaner like Kleen It All or a specific leather cleaner such as Greenway’s Vinyl and Leather Renewal.

  • It is near impossible to tell if the topcoat has been removed from the worn leather.  Always test an inconspicuous area first for any color transfer.  If any color transfer is seen, it is advisable to notify your customer of the issue before proceeding with any further

  • Never use a stiff brush on leather. While the dirt will be removed faster, unseen damage is being occurred to the topcoat.  It is advisable to use the least aggressive method to remove any heavy dirt or staining. Microfiber towels, our leather cleaning brush used with light pressure, boars, or horsehair brushes are ideal methods to protect the topcoat.

  • Leather Complete will have a different look on different vehicle leathers. Some leathers will use a different topcoat which will produce a different level of gloss.  Some topcoats have a glossy appearance, to begin with, and Leather Complete will amplify this appearance. Simply buff down with a soft microfiber towel to alter the finished look after treatment is dry

  • Using an air compressor can help remove debris from cracks and corners of the leather. Just make sure your blower tip is covered with a protective rubber bumper to avoid any leather tearing

  • Jean staining is common among leather seats that are light in color. Always use a dedicated leather cleaner and always apply the solution from the BOTTOM to TOP.  This will ensure no streaking occurs on the leather.  Remember the product effectiveness can be activated with water. Having a small bucket of water nearby to dip your brush or towel in, can help move the Kleen It All or Vinyl and Leather Renewal among the leather surface to further distribute the product more evenly and thoroughly throughout the surface to ensure full surface coverage cleaning.  DO NOT APPLY WATER TO LEATHER COMPLETE

  • Avoid the use of foam erasers, heavy steel wool, degreasers, spot removers, or any other caustic chemical or cleaning accessory as it will potentially damage the topcoat




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