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Greenway's Kleen It All, 1 gallon jug
Greenway's Kleen It All, 8 ounce bottle
Greenway's Kleen It All, 16 ounce bottle
Greenway's Kleen It All, 32 ounce bottle
Greenway's Kleen It All, 5 gallon container
Greenway's Kleen It All, 1 gallon jug
Greenway's Kleen It All, 8 ounce bottle
Greenway's Kleen It All, 16 ounce bottle
Greenway's Kleen It All, 32 ounce bottle
Greenway's Kleen It All, 5 gallon container

Greenway's Kleen it All




  • The ultimate APC (All Purpose Cleaner)  Super concentrated formula.  Kleen It All can be diluted up to 30:1 with water. It only takes approximately ½ ounce to 1 ounce of Kleen It All mixed with water to make a 16-ounce ready to use bottle.

  • One of the most cost-effective all-purpose cleaners on the market. Many competitng solutions are RTU or can only be diluted slightly with water, not Kleen It All! Remains effective even after extreme dilution.

  • Non-butyl formula. No more white spots left on the panels

  • Softens and brightens fabrics with the power of optic brighteners

  • Detergents will quickly break down tough dirt and grime from the surface

  • Pleasantly scented

  • Free rinsing formula. Wipe off or rinse off

  • Works excellent on vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, cloth, carpets, steel, aluminum and virtually every other surface

  • Can be used for exterior surfaces, but we recommend Kleen It All as your ultimate interior APC solution

  • Will not leave any material fibers stiff like inferior APC cleaners


Greenway’s Kleen It All is one of our most popular selling products.  If you are looking for an all-purpose cleaner that can clean a variety of surfaces, Kleen It All is your answer. Kleen It All is super concentrated, free rinsing, butyl free, contains optic brighteners and unique cleaning detergents.  

Optic brighteners and a fresh scent combined in this formula, make this cleaner superior to most available on the market.  Optic brighteners help restore the color and appearance to a variety of interior surfaces.

Kleen It All does not contain any butyl.  A butyl free formula means that you do not have to rinse each panel you clean after use. This product will not cause any type of white residue to appear on any of the cleaned areas once diluted properly.


How to Use

Using the appropriate cleaner is vital when cleaning your interior components.  Make sure you dilute Kleen It All to the appropriate mixture with water to ensure safe compatibility with the surface being cleaned.  Using a 10:1 solution is usually perfect for all interior surfaces to quickly remove grime and dirt without heavy agitation.

Kleen It All is a unique all-purpose cleaner detergent blend that does not need to be rinsed.  Simply spray Kleen It All on the interior surface that needs to be cleaned and let dwell for a few seconds.  Wipe excess Kleen It All with an absorbent towel.  

You can also use Kleen It All with a soft bristle brush and simply scrub the surface which will cause Kleen It All to slightly foam and then wipe away excess product. Kleen It All can also be vacuumed up if desired when using on carpet and upholstery surfaces.


Tech Tip

  • Never ever use a degreaser based cleaner on the inside of a vehicle.  While the dirt will be removed rather easily, spotting most likely will occur within 24 hours and color loss is very probable. This is because most degreasers need heavy rinsing in order to be removed the surface and they are caustic for interior components. There is a big difference between a APC cleaner and a degreaser

  • When cleaning leather understand that an invisible top coat is present on the leather.  Leather that has not been maintained and worn; color transfer will most likely occur. The top coat could have been removed by the owner through neglect of the leather treatments or a previous detailer who used the wrong cleaning solution and ruined the top coat.  Once the top coat is ruined the only way for repair is by a skilled leather technician. Stop cleaning the surface. You are now removing the color coat when color transfer is present on towel

  • Kleen It All should be your go-to when it comes to interior cleaning. Once diluted Kleen It All provides tremendous value and quick working time. Always make multiple bottles of the solution to save time before your detail.  You can even purchase one of our empty gallon jugs and make some RTU (Ready to Use) Kleen It All for quick refilling

  • Using a garden/pesticide sprayer makes hand fatigue nonexistent. The product can be applied very evenly and quickly to ensure less waste and quicker even application.  Cover large surface areas quickly and easily while saving time and fatigue

  • Always allow product to dwell before wiping.  Wiping the product right away does not allow the product to actually work.  Allowing the product to dwell for a short period of time (up to 30 seconds) will allow the product to actually break down the dirt and grime present

  • When spraying Kleen It All directly on a rag and then cleaning the surface, remember most of the cleaner is being absorbed into the rag. Using the appropriate rag will help eliminate waste and produce better results. Microfiber absorbs products at a much slower rate than a terry towel. Using microfiber for the cleaning stage is ideal, where terry towels have better absorption properties

  • When dealing with unpleasant weather conditions when mobile detailing, cleaning the interior of the vehicle first will allow the interior components to become dry before the customer is ready to utilize the vehicle


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