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Greenway's Critical Finish Polish


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  • Nanotechnology and micro-abrasives remove light to moderate imperfections

  • Achieve excellent surface quality and an unbelievable shine

  • Perfect for those hard to correct soft clear-coat finishes, ceramic and conventional clear coats

  • Surface will become incredibly slick, swirl-free, hologram free with minimal buffing time

  • 100% body shop safe! Contains no silicone, fill-in glazes, waxes, or sealants

  • Nearly zero dust, leaves a mirror shine, and has an extremely long working time



Critical Finish is our newest and most advanced polish that offers superior, defect-free results for any application. This product is nearly 100 percent dust-free and utilizes nanotechnology and micro-abrasives to remove light to moderate imperfections while achieving excellent surface quality and shine. Critical Finish is body shop safe, contains no silicone, fill-in glaze, or wax. You can safely use it on fresh paint, soft clear-coat finishes, ceramic, and conventional clear coats.

Critical Finish will leave the surface slick, swirl-free, hologram-free, and create nothing short of unbelievable shine. Critical finish “cuts” fast, creates nearly zero dust, leaves a mirror shine, and will not create any holograms on the softest of paints.

Easily remove 2000 to 2500 grit sanding marks, holograms, compounding haze, oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, and other paint defects.

Critical Finish has an extremely long working time, remains creamy throughout the entire buffing application, and easily removes many surface defects quickly. Critical Finish is most effectively used with a polisher to maximize the product’s true potential.

Many professional detailers have a complicated and time-consuming process to correct specific, clear coat finishes on many vehicles. We find ourselves switching pads, trying numerous brands of compounds, polishes, and adjusting the buffer speed to create a swirl-free finish. Certain vehicles need the latest polish technology to take this time-consuming process and make it easy. Critical Finish fills the void in the polishes market where results were difficult to achieve on many “soft” and “hard” clear coats.

Suppose you are an installer of ceramic coatings. In that case, you know how important it is to remove as many defects as possible—having defects left behind before applying the ceramic coating will result in undesirable results and unsatisfied customers. We guarantee Critical Finish is unlike anything on the market and produces a flawless finish in the shortest amount of time!


How to Use:

The most crucial step of the detailing process is to start with a clean surface. Before using this product, remove any insect residue, tar, and paint contamination using a clay process or fallout remover.

Apply a small amount of product onto a foam or wool buffing pad, and slowly work into the painted surface with the machine off. This step will help avoid any product sling. If you are an experienced detailer, you can slowly accelerate the device right away without any product sling.

Work the product until the product becomes nearly invisible. Many auto detailers rush this step. If you do not work the product thoroughly, you will not allow the product’s abrasives to diminish completely.

Wipe the area with a soft microfiber towel. Check your work and proceed to the next panel If the pad combination works correctly with the product. You can always switch the pad to a more aggressive foam pad if necessary. Always start with the least aggressive pad and work your way up the pad's aggressiveness level. Slowly increasing the pad’s aggressive level is especially true for the enthusiast detailer who does not have the experience to quickly choose the correct pad and product combination.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • Always work in small sections.

  • Fully work product until nearly invisible.

  • Always use dedicated microfiber towels to ensure no marring is placed back onto the surface after removing during the buffing stage.

  • Paint surface preparation is the answer to a flawless finish.

  • Use a quick detailer like Wipe Away to aid in the removal of excess product.

  • Just because you do not see any product on your buffing pad does not mean it is not present. A mist of a detail spray held approximately 10 inches away from the pad will release any product remaining inside it. Doing so helps prevent product overload.

  • Keep pad clean by using a pad cleaning tool frequently to avoid the buildup of product.

  • “Dry buffing” can easily be felt when the machine becomes unstable on the painted panel. More product is needed to replace the lubrication barrier between the buffing pad and the painted surface.

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