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Greenway's Clay Body Sponge - Greenway's Car Care Products

Greenway's Clay Body Sponge




  • The most important step in achieving a flawless finish

  • Quickly and easily remove environmental contamination from a wide variety of surfaces

  • If you drop the sponge simply rinse it off and continue claying, unlike a clay bar which has to be discarded

  • Greenway's Clay Body Sponge can be used approximately 20 to 30 times before replacement

  • By removing all the contamination from the variety of exterior surfaces, you will be able to bring out the complete color and depth of your paint

  • Less chance of marring the paint when using synthetic clay compared to standard clay.


Greenway's Clay Body Sponge is an effective and safe method to remove environmental contamination that includes: overspray, scuff marks, bug residue, rail dust, tar and paint overspray. This item can be used on your glass, chrome, wheels, paint, headlights, taillights, smooth aluminum and more. Removing bonded contaminants makes your paint super smooth and ready to be polished and wax. This is the most important step of the exterior detail process. By removing all the contamination from the variety of exterior surfaces, you will be able to bring out the complete color and depth of your paint.

Waxes will last longer, polishes will be easier to apply and remove, you will extend the life of your buffing pads and save time during the detail process. We cannot stress enough of how important the clay treatment is. If there is any of the above mentioned contamination on your vehicle, we do not suggest applying any compounds, polishes, glazes or waxes without the removal of these contaminants.

How To Use (Method 1)

After you complete your washing and drying stage, proceed to the following.  Spray the surface with our Greenway's Easy Slide Clay Lubricant and glide the clay sponge over the surface until you feel no resistance. Wipe excess product away with soft microfiber cloth. The surface should feel smooth to the touch. It's that simple! By removing contamination from the glass surfaces and then applying Greenway's Vamoose, you will achieve better clarity and make your windows easier to clean on your next wash.

Method  2

You can use our clay body sponge with any of our car shampoos.  We always suggest using a car shampoo that does not contain wax.  The reasoning behind this is because you want the surface free of any waxes, sealants, polishes, glazes or other products before you apply your favorite top coat.

This method is similar to washing the vehicle twice. After you wash the entire vehicle and remove all of your bugs, tar, etc, you can simply dip your favorite car wash mitt into a shampoo solution and apply the solution to a panel at a time. Never use a high pH strip wash with a clay bar or sponge, as this might deteriorate the material quicker. Most of our shampoos are pH neutral and delicate on the surface. The shampoo solution will provide you with the lubricant needed for the clay sponge to move over the vehicle surface.

The downside to this method is as follows:  If you live in an extremely hot, sunny climate, the shampoo solution might dry rather quickly and it is harder to control how wide your working area is, with the shampoo running down the panel.  You cannot see through the car wash solution, so you are going to have to feel the panel to ensure all contamination is removed. This applies to contamination that can be seen, where most contamination cannot be viewed by the normal eye.  This method is usually quicker If the vehicle panels are not heavily contaminated. This method can also be slightly more cost effective.

If you enjoy using a car wash solution over a clay lubricant, try to clay the vehicle side that is in the shade first. Once this side is complete, simply turn the vehicle around and place the other side in the shade. This will give you some extra working time.  A perfect solution for the mobile auto detailer who is subject to working in the sun.