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Greenway's Bugs B Gone


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  • Ultra-Concentrated Solution. Diluted 8:1 before use.

  • Effective even after dilution

  • Works great on those "Love Bugs" found in Florida

  • Use on the windshield, side rockers, front end of a vehicle, and side mirrors

  • Powerful and safe. Eliminate light scrubbing by using a high-pressure wash

  • If light scrubbing is needed, be sure to pair this item with our bug sponge



Greenway's Bugs B Gone is a heavy-duty bug remover that will quickly remove bug splatters and insects from all of your vehicle's surfaces. Bugs B Gone will quickly remove away those nasty insect splatters and environmental fall-outs from the windshield, side rockers, and front end of your vehicle. This product works great on those "Love Bugs" found in Florida. Designed to keep the solution on the front end, Greenway's Bugs B Gone has a unique, thicker formula allowing the solution to dissolve and soften the bugs and insects.

Bugs B Gone is fast-acting, which allows you to remove bug splatters and insects without heavy scrubbing, which would induce swirl marks into the paint's finish. Bugs B Gone is powerful yet safe. Eliminate scrubbing by using Bugs B Gone and a high-pressure wash. Bugs B Gone is also an excellent product to use on your motorcycle or boat.


How to Use:

Wet the entire area to be cleaned. Always keep the site wet, especially when working in direct sun. Spray each section requiring treatment with Bugs B Gone. Let the product dwell for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute before agitation. Agitate area with the appropriate bug sponge or wash mitt and rinse thoroughly. 

If you are working in a garage or heavily shaded area, typically accomplish the area that needs bug removal in one step. The product will not dry quickly onto the applied surface. Spray the entire affected areas and let them dwell approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. Agitate and then rinse areas off from top to bottom. 

We like to do our bug removal stage first. Since this step can take some time, we suggest doing your complete bug removal and then washing the rest of your vehicle. Doing so can help to avoid water spots and water usage. The areas that usually need treatment are the mirror housings, windshield, and the vehicle's front end.


Dilution Guide:

The typical dilution for Greenway's Bugs B Gone is 8:1, eight parts water to 1 part product. We suggest using our 32-ounce dilution bottle for this product if you are unfamiliar with proper dilution. If you desire a more concentrated solution, dilute the product with less water; however, we suggest our dilution ratio. Only a couple of ounces are needed to make a ready-to-use (RTU) 16-ounce bottle of Bugs B Gone. Always add water slowly to avoid excess foam.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • The grille area of the vehicle can sometimes be challenging to clean. Using an incredibly soft brush will get in all the cracks and crevices on the front end. Most detailers neglect to prep the vehicle correctly. The preparation of the exterior surface is the MOST IMPORTANT step of the detail. Suppose you do not prepare the surface accurately for further detailing (E.g., waxing, polishing, compounding, glazing). In that case, you will spend much more time trying to remove excess bug residue from cracks and crevices during the "dry" stage of detailing. During the preparation of the "wet" phase of the detailing process, spending more time preparing the vehicle can save SIGNIFICANT time during the final detail stage. Many cracks and crevices on the vehicle's surfaces that contain minor to moderate contamination might be tough to remove with detail sprays and crevice tools at the end of the detail.
  • Missing the small details at the end of the detail will further alarm the customer to inspect many commonly missed areas. While this is not a negative aspect since the customer is paying for a detailed vehicle, you might overlook some fatigue items after working on the same car for several hours. Working smarter and knowing the proper steps to perform at a professional level comes from experience, research, trial, and error to find the method that works best for your business.

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