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Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent
Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent
Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent
Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent
Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent
Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent

Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent


  • Ready to use but only a few sprays are needed for effectiveness

  • Fragrance smells exactly like the label name. No more disappointments with the fragrance

  • High quality ingredient blend will ensure fewer applications

  • A few sprays last an extremely long time

  • Actually, helps remove odors without masking them

  • 2 In 1 formula.  Leaves a pleasant fragrance while removing odors

Greenway's Baby Fresh Scent smells so clean and fresh you will not believe your nostrils.  Baby Fresh Scent smells exactly like the amazing baby power scent. Greenway's scents are super concentrated and fortified with odor removing proteins. Greenway's scents smell exactly like their product name and last for an extremely long time. A few sprays is all that is needed to freshen the inside of your vehicle while removing offensive odors and just not masking them. Greenway's Car Care scents are the best on the market guaranteed!



How To Use

Applying a fragrance to an interior of a vehicle should be your final touch. After the interior is completely cleaned and dry (If steam cleaned, carpet extracted or hand scrub application was used), you then can apply any of your favorite Greenway’s Car Care fragrance.

Simply spray several mists under your floor mat or underneath the vehicle seats. You can adjust the strength of the scent by simply spraying a few more sprays of the product.



Tech Tip

  • Always check with the customer in regards to any sensitivity when it comes to fragrances

  • Just because you prefer a certain fragrance, this does not mean the customer will also prefer that same fragrance

  • Since our fragrances have odor removing properties in them, it is advisable if you are using this as your light odor remover fragrance, you have a variety of scents to allow the customer to pick from

  • Working with and around cleaning agents can make you become desensitized to certain odors. Do not overuse any scent, as professional auto detailing chemicals are concentrated and not much product is needed to provide customer pleasing results

  • Always make sure to spray any fragrance in an inconspicuous area. Even though there has never been an issue with staining, with any custom interior materials or other unique surfaces, it is always advisable to err on the side of caution