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Greenway's Armor Paint Sealant


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  • Use with any buffer

  • Easy on and easy off formula

  • Excellent to use in areas where winter climates are harsh, and tunnel washing is the only option

  • Withstands tunnel washes and pre-soaks after fully cured

  • Can last up to one year on a properly decontaminated surface

  • Cross-linking polymers for extended protection

  • Excellent to use on gel coats and acrylics

  • Can apply by hand

  • Full cure time up to 24 hours



Armor Sealant is the newest and most durable polymer paint sealant we have to offer. Fortified with oxygen cured polymers, this ensures you will achieve the most durable, high gloss finish on both "Eco-friendly/waterborne paint" and conventional paint. Armor is oxygen cured cross-linked polymer sealant which protects the surfaces from fading, oxidation, acid rain, and environmental elements.

Armor Sealant can withstand the harshest environments if you expose your vehicle to extreme temperatures, environmental conditions, tunnel washers, or other extreme conditions.

Armor can last up to one year depending on vehicle exposure and is the perfect option for those looking to wax their vehicle less often. Armor is also the ideal sealant to upsell your customer if you are in the auto detailing industry. Many consumers will only get their vehicle detailed once a year, and Armor is the perfect sealant for longevity between their yearly details.

Armor creates a nearly indestructible barrier that shields against water spots, UV sunlight, contamination, road grime, fading, discoloration, glass, transparent optical plastics, polished metals, and carbon fiber.

Armor spreads easily, and you can use by hand, dual-action polisher, long-throw machines, and ever a rotary buffer. Armor creates the ultimate hydrophobic protective layer that protects numerous exterior vehicle surfaces. Armor does not make problematic paint sealant streaks like many other sealants on the market. The armor spreads like butter and comes off exceptionally easily when applied in thin layers.

Armor Sealant does contain light cleaners but not fillers. If you are looking for the ultimate paint protection product, we urge you to try Armor and be amazed by the high gloss, slick surface, and maximum paint protection it will provide for up to 12 months!


Car Detailing Tech Tips:

  • Use Armor in place of wax.

  • Armor can be applied first, and then wax applied on top of Armor. Using wax on top of the Armor will provide even greater depth and paint protection to the paint surface.

  • Armor is a great upsell if you are operating a professional auto detailing business. Armor will provide better paint protection for areas where winter weather conditions are present and for that customer who utilizes touchless car washes. Armor is more detergent-resistant than wax.

  • Proceed with caution if you apply Armor with a slow speed or high-speed buffer. Many newer vehicles contain many curves, and the foam buffing pad might come in contact with unpainted plastic components resulting in staining and color loss of the unpainted plastic. Use our Finishing Touch Detail Spray to treat the exterior trim.

  • The detail spray will apply a light silicone coating over the plastic, which will help prevent any staining.  Any residue from any exterior used product will wipe off with ease and help avoid staining the plastic. While hand application is more precise, it also takes longer than a slow-speed machine technique.

  • Always use a soft, non-abrasive finishing pad. 

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