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Fresh | Car Paint Preparation and Multi-surface Cleaning Solution Concentrate


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  • Multi-surface concentrated solution that prepares the paint and numerous exterior surfaces for long term protective coatings, PPF, decals, and removes residue between corrective buffing steps

  • Cleans microfiber, foam, and wool buffing pads. Quickly "dry clean" buffing pads for a fast return to service or mix a bucket solution for deep cleaning

  • Works on glass, metal, paint, plastic, rubber, and vinyl

  • Will help eliminate the clay bar process on some vehicles. Helpful when you're not dealing with soft paint or performing paint correction

  • Polish the surface immediately without removing the product itself if streaking or remaining residue occurs. For complete removal, use Wipe Away, Easy Slide, or standard washing process

  • Choose your own scent



Greenway's Fresh is a multi-purpose formula that not only cleanses and prepares the paint but can also effectively remove residue from buffing pads! Having a clean buffing pad and eliminating the possibility of combining multiple products into the foam, Fresh helps remove this residue while extending your foam's longevity.

Having a properly prepped surface is the most crucial step to the exterior detail process. Contaminants left on the paint will not allow your sealant, wax, ceramic coating, resin coating, polish, or compounds to work effectively. While a clay bar is adequate to remove various contaminants from the vehicle finish, some of these contaminants will quickly deteriorate a clay bar. The clay bar can also capture micro-abrasives that may transfer onto the paint, which can cause marring and scratching, especially on soft clear coats.


How to Use:

Must be diluted before use at a ratio of approximately 8:1 with distilled water for best results.  Spray Fresh onto the exterior surfaces of the vehicle wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth.

Dilute 8:1 with water when preparing surfaces for coatings, sealants, waxes, vehicle wraps, PPF, and decals.

Depending on the level of surface correction and protection you are performing, Fresh can help eliminate a portion of the clay process. Doing so is highly beneficial when detailing soft clearcoats or when applying protective coats only. 

Use between stages of paint correction. Fresh removes any remaining oils and residue that might be left behind during the correction phase. For example, after completing the compounding step and wiping off the remaining product, spray all previously compounded panels with Fresh and wipe them off with a soft microfiber cloth. The surface is now clean and ready for the polishing or protection phase.

If streaking or any residue remains after application, you can polish the surface immediately without removing the product itself. If complete removal is necessary, prior to applying a coating or sealant, you can use a wax-free detail spray such as Wipe Away, a clay bar prep such as Easy Slide, or a standard washing process.


Buffing Pads Care:

Dilute 10:1 when cleaning your buffing pads. Spray onto the buffing pad, allow to dwell 1-2 minutes, and remove any remaining residue with an absorbent towel. This method is advantageous if you have to return the pad to the surface almost immediately. There is little to no drying needed for lightly soiled pads. If pads are heavily soiled, it is best to allow them to soak in a bucket of water. Try to remove any heavy buildup using a soft stiff brush. Add approximately 11-12 ounces of Fresh for every gallon of water. Allow pads to soak for about 10-15 minutes, and then remove.  Remove excess solution and allow to air dry.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • Always use Greenway's Fresh or Tar B Gone on lower panels. Doing this can help extend the life of your clay bar, prevent cross-contamination between surfaces, micro-marring, swirl marks, and scratches. We recommend Tar B Gone for excess tar removal, which is much stronger than Fresh.
  • When dealing with soft clear coats, make sure to choose the right clay bar if you are not completing a compounding or polishing stage. Using an aggressive clay bar can significantly increase the chances of marring the vehicle surface. While a wax, sealant, or glaze can minimize the defects, they will eventually show through the protective coating as it begins to deteriorate. 

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