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Cosmo | Ultra Concentrated Foam Cannon Car Shampoo


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  • Ultra-concentrated foam cannon car shampoo

  • Designed specially to work with low or high-pressure foam cannons

  • Comet will display water-thin viscosity when used in a standard bucket wash

  • Dilute up to 240:1 with water

  • Will not strip any wax or sealant

  • Will not alter the look of any ceramic coating

  • Removes dirt and grime

  • Choose your fragrance



Cosmo is our car shampoo specially formulated for low or high-pressure foam cannons. Our water-thin viscosity pH neutral shampoo, with added surfactants, helps quickly create unbelievable foam while fast breaking down any dirt and grime on the surface. Cosmo is highly concentrated and has a dilution ratio of 240:1 (240 parts water to 1 part product) while still creating an excellent, full-bodied foaming solution.

Greenway’s allows you to further enjoy your washing experience by choosing from various scents. Our batches are hand mixed, dyed, scented, and uniquely customized to your liking, one at a time, unlike the mass-produced formulas from big manufacturers. Greenway’s Car Care Products is one of the only companies in the entire industry to allow you to customize your shampoo scent!


How To Use:

Add approximately 4-6 ounces of Cosmo to your foam cannon bottle (or less depending on cannon setup) and slowly fill with water. Apply Cosmo to the entire vehicle surface and proceed with your standard wash process. Cosmo is safe on any exterior automobile surface, in the shade or direct sunlight. The unique formula quickly cleans any road film’s surface while maintaining any protective layer applied to your vehicle.

While utilizing the foam cannon, Cosmo can help decrease the chances of scratching or marring your vehicle during the wash process.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • If you complete the washing stage in the direct sun, you can always wash and prep each side covered by shade. Follow the above instructions, but start your prep work on the shady side first. Once your washing, clay treatment, tar removal, and other preparation are complete, turn the vehicle around and start the process again on the other side. Doing so will give you the extra time needed to proceed through all the appropriate steps while preventing any solutions from drying too quickly.
  • After the vehicle’s sides are complete, you can wash and prepare the other flat and vertical surfaces. If you are using Greenway’s Bugs B Gone, break up the front end into sections to avoid drying the product on the vehicle surface. The bug removal stage should be done separately, and rinse the product entirely before washing or prepping any other vehicle’s exterior.
  • Most detailers use too much wash solution. Professional, concentrated shampoos such as our car shampoos do not require a large amount of solution to be effective. 

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