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Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment
Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment
Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment
Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment

Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment


  • Attaches to any standard drill by the fixed mounted stud towards rear of brush

  • Save energy and time by letting the attachment aid in carpet, fabric and upholstery cleaning

  • Bristles will help agitate deep into the fibers of the surface being cleaned

  • Bristles made from polypropylene which are very durable


How To Use

This carpet brush is designed to be attached to a standard cordless drill by the use of the rear mounted stud.  After you thoroughly vacuum the fabric, carpet or upholstery, spray a solution such as Greenway's Kleen It All or one of our carpet and upholstery cleaners onto the fabric.  

With the drill turned off, place the carpet drill brush down onto the material using light pressure and slowly start the drill. Clean the entire area while using one of Greenway's Car Care cleaning solutions to help aid in the dirt and stain removal. 

After entire area is clean, simply vacuum the area again and blot up any excess solution with a terry towel. 


Tech Tips

  • If working in a colder climate, it is best to complete your interior detailing first before the exterior. This will allow the interior to dry before the customer gets inside the vehicle

  • While microfiber towels are softer than terry towels, terry towels can absorb much more than a microfiber. Perfect for getting deep down into the fabric to pull any excess moisture

  • Using an old chamois and labeling it for interior use, it will quickly remove excess moisture from a interior. You will also save on the washing of towels since a chamois can simply be rinsed and wrung out. 

  • Never keep the carpet brush immersed in any water or cleaning liquid. This will shorten the life of the tool. Simply clean after use and allow to air dry. 

  • Always use caution on materials that are delicate such as leather and fine fibers. The top coat that is invisible of the leather will be ruined and fine fibers can be pulled.