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Apollo- Sprayable Silazane Polymer Resin Coating


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      • Sprayable silazane polymer resin coating that provides extreme gloss, hydrophobic properties, longevity, ease of application in a wide range of temperatures, instant curing to water exposure

      • No high spots; if specific area is not removed during initial coating, just reapply coating and wipe off. The existing bottom layer will be blended into the new layer 

      • Can be easily layered to increase gloss 

      • Withstands the harshest chemicals once coating is fully cured. Car wash presoaks, degreasers, wheel acids, acetone, paint thinner, xylene, and other harsh cleaning/stripping solutions will not remove coating

      • Polymer contained in Apollo was used on a lunar space modular that went to the moon in the 1960’s

      • Spray and wipe formula that can be applied in below freezing temperatures to extreme heat.

      • Withstands extreme heat and can be used on nearly every exterior common car surface such as; clear coat, vinyl decals, aluminum, glass, plastic, tonneau covers, rims and headlights

      • Can last up to 5 years or longer with proper application

      • Perfect for the mobile detailer who deals with extreme weather conditions and does not utilize a canopy for rain protection

      • Can be applied in below freezing temperatures to extremely hot conditions

      • 8- ounce bottle is typically enough to coat any vehicle including oversized pickup trucks

      • Temperature, humidity and sunlight will accelerate or decelerate the wiping and removal process. Complete a test area to determine how much surface area can be covered during application. 



      Apollo is a sprayable silazane polymer resin coating that can be applied to paint, plastic, windows, trim, headlights, wheels and motorcycle exhausts.  Apollo is easy to apply by simply spraying onto the surface, level the coating and wipe off with a soft microfiber towel.  A semi-permanent bond will be created and continue to cure for many hours after application. Once completely cured, Apollo can protect coated surfaces for up to 5 years or longer with proper application!  One of the most durable, longest-lasting coatings available, Apollo is extremely easy to use for any enthusiasts or can be applied by the professional detailer. Zero drying time is needed before water exposure which makes this product ideal for mobile auto detailers. In approximately 24 hours, Apollo will form a hard, glassy, slick and ultra-hydrophobic layer that helps protect against acid rain, bird residue, oxidation and extreme heat.  Paintwork will be enhanced and depth will be dramatically increased after application. The coating will continue to harden over the next several days, but normal maintenance washes can be completed immediately after application.  

      Apollo provides a protective barrier against touchless car wash presoaks, degreasers, kerosene, acids, lacquer thinner and a variety of other detergents. Apollo can be applied to vinyl decals to prevent fading and wear. Apollo utilizes a superior polymer that was used on a space modular that went to the moon in the 1960’s. Apollo provides longevity similar to professionally applied ceramic coatings without high spots. streaking and long curing times before water exposure.  

      Mobile detailers or enthusiasts who do not have access to a garage, Apollo Is an ideal solution to use in replacement of a ceramic coating.  Many ceramic coatings need extended drying times once exposed to water and require application in temperatures that are sometimes not ideal, Apollo can be applied in colder conditions to extreme heat. 

      Preparation: The surface must be cleaned prior the application of Apollo.  Surface preparation is the most important step in order to ensure Apollo bonds to the surface it is being applied to. After washing your vehicle with Cleanse, utilize a clay bar with a clay lubricant to simply remove any excess contamination off the vehicle surface. Follow-up using Greenway’s Fresh to ensure each surface is completely free of any remaining residue. 

      Depending on the condition of the vehicle, a clay bar application might not always be necessary. If you are unsure, simply feel your paintwork after utilizing Cleanse.  If your paintwork still has “bumps” or  roughness can be felt, contamination is still present on the surface and you most likely will need to clay the vehicle.  If no “bumps” or roughness is felt after completing the washing stage with Cleanse, using Greenway’s Fresh will be sufficient in order to ensure no remaining waxes, sealants, coatings or any other products still remaining on the surface to be coated.


      Application: Simply spray coating onto an area and level coating with a microfiber suede applicator while working on a surface area of no larger than 2’x2’.  Immediately wipe off with a microfiber towel.  A second application can be immediately applied if necessary to ensure to areas were missed during initial application.  You CANNOT spread Apollo onto the surface with a microfiber towel, applicator, etc. A pure microfiber product will REMOVE the coating before entire surface is fully covered in coating. This will result longevity issues and incomplete areas! 

      If Apollo is applied to an area and dries before being wiped off, if removal is difficult, simply spray another coat onto the problematic area and wipe off.  The second coat will blend the bottom coat which will allow for complete leveling and removal of product.

       Maintenance: Apollo does not require any maintenance in regards to “boosters”.  While boosters or other compatible coatings such as Trench Coat can be used, these are not necessary unless visual hydrophobic effects is the end users top priority. With any coating applied whether it is a ceramic, resin, air-cured polymer or wax, contamination can be transferred onto the protective coating which will visibly alter the effects of the coating, but the coating is still bonded to the surface. Simply by completing a decontamination wash with a product such as Greenway’s Cleanse, Full Spectrum or using a mild clay, any existing fallout will be removed and the hydrophobic effects will be restored.


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