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5 Gallon (18L) Natural HDPE Plastic Tight Head 63mm Cap and Vent Stem - Greenway's Car Care Products

5 Gallon (18L) Natural HDPE Plastic Tight Head 70mm Cap and Vent Stem


  • Eliminates product waste

  • Chemical resistance to virtually any form of chemical

  • A large 70mm port allows for easy filling

  • Deluxe spigot included with the purchase (spigot color and size may vary)

  • Allows for consistency with each product mixed

  • Handle for easy carrying

  • Use for a wide variety of applications

  • Built-in breather hole to allow for easy pouring

  • Be sure to purchase the cap wrench



Greenway's 5 Gallon HDPE Container is the perfect solution to premix and dispense any of our chemical concentrates. This 5-gallon container will help eliminate any product waste and allow you to have the same consistency of each product throughout your detailed process. This container is essential for anyone running their own detailing business, especially when dealing with employees. No more worrying that the chemical concentration is being used too strong or too weak on the customer's vehicle.

Each Greenway's 5 Gallon HDPE Container is equipped with a 70mm filling port and includes a deluxe dispensing spigot. Make sure to purchase our 70mm wrench, which aids in loosening and tightening the 70mm cap.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is that detailers do not properly dilute their chemicals. They are either trying to fill up a spray bottle and attempting to cut their products as needed. Doing this can substantially increase the amount of time detailing a vehicle and, more importantly, inaccurate mixtures. Having a bulk cleaner premixed and storing them in smaller gallons or using them directly from this tight head container is the best solution.