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Who is Greenway's?


My name is Richard C. Weichand and I am the proud founder of Greenway’s Car Care Products.  I have been involved in the auto detailing industry for almost two decades.  When I acquired my first vehicle in the late 90s, I became passionate about trying to obtain the very best finish possible and began experimenting with numerous store-bought auto detailing chemicals.

This passion continued and I decided to open my own detailing business around the time of my freshman year of college.   I ran my small business during the day, and I took night classes for approximately eight years before receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from East Stroudsburg University located in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. 

During this time, I was constantly trying different products in order to make my job easier and to provide the best possible results to my customer.  While some products were great and others were not, I continued to dream about having a product line that would solve the detailing issues many professionals and enthusiasts have. Quality has always been my top priority when choosing an auto detailing chemical and I wanted to transition this into my own line.  

In the fall of 2011, I was finally able to make my vision become a reality and I choose the name Greenway’s Car Care Products.   Many members of the Greenway family were self-employed and involved in custom home building.  While I did not have an interest in this area, I was able to observe how my family members still emphasized the importance on the quality of materials used and the workmanship no matter how long the project took.

These values transitioned into Greenway’s Car Care Products and my goal has never changed.  To bring the best quality car care products to the industry, while sharing my knowledge to the customer on how to achieve  the best possible results. As you explore the items within our store, you will quickly realize how extensive the descriptions are of each item.  No matter how well the chemical performs, using the chemical properly and proceeding with the proper steps is vital in order to achieve the best possible results.


I have continued to work consistently over the years in order to make your job easier.  From our laminated write-ups of each product to the in-depth descriptions provided on the website, I realize that it can be overwhelming when choosing the appropriate product to suit your needs.  I therefore implemented this material to help you narrow down the choices of the product needed to solve your problem.  I also recently decided to launch every product in a variety of sizes to further help you choose your favorite Greenway’s Car Care Product. We offer more sizes than most competitors in order to help you get the appropriate amount of product needed each time.  Whether you are in interested in trying our two-ounce sample sizes or our popular half gallon size, we are sure to have the product you need in the size you want.  

We place an extreme empathize on customer service and your satisfaction is our number one priority.  Without you we simply do not exist.  I will never forget this and continue to improve on techniques used to provide the best customer service experience possible.  From the integrated website chat feature and providing my personal cell phone number to many individuals, we ensure that whatever question you might have, we have the answer! 

After having a custom building built around the fall of 2015, we quickly outgrew this building as of 2019. Our current goal over the next several years is to expand to a much larger building while offering in-house training for those wanting to take their skill to the next level or for those interested in opening their own business.  In the next few months, we will be launching our new YouTube channel to bring your additional content on the detailing process, chemical usage, business tips and more.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our store.  If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason. Thank you again for choosing Greenway's Car Care Products.


Richard C. Weichand