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Rescue | Potent Carpet and Upholstery Enzyme Deodorant Cleaner


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  • Immediately begins to remove stains and eliminates a variety of hard to remove odors

  • Use at a dilution ratio of 2:1 (2 parts water to 1 part Rescue)

  • Product is safe for both pets and children in which no harsh chemicals are within the solution

  • Does not mask any odors but permanently eliminates them

  • Special surfactants help instantly clean the most stubborn debris

  • Pleasantly scented



Rescue is an automotive interior cleaner and deodorizer specifically formulated with a blend of bacteria and enzymes to remove organic waste and smell quickly.

Rescue is the perfect solution to help eliminate various organic wastes while permanently removing the unwanted odors without masking them. Feces, urine, garbage, vomit, mold and mildew smell, and rotten foods are not a match for Rescue!

Rescue helps eliminate all the bacteria left behind on any of the surfaces that bacteria came in contact with. This will not allow the bacteria to grow back in a short period on the surfaces cleaned with Rescue. Rescue does not contain any harsh chemicals, is environmentally safe, cleans and deodorizes at the same time, and quickly eliminates the causes of the odor. Rescue is essential for any professional detailer.


How to Use:

Locate the excess waste and remove it. Dilute 1 part of Rescue with two parts of water. Use Rescue undiluted for severe incidents. Only dilute the amount you need to use within a 4-hour time frame. While the surfactants will not be affected, the enzymes will no longer be functional. We suggest using smaller bottles, such as a 16-ounce bottle, to begin with. 

Apply Rescue directly to the carpet or upholstery and allow it to dwell for approximately 30 seconds. Agitate the solution with our interior carpet and upholstery brush or a standard interior microfiber towel for the most delicate surfaces. You can then extract, vacuum, or blot the area with an absorbent microfiber or terry towel.

If necessary, follow with a stain remover or carpet cleaner to remove any severe spots or stains. While Rescue is an excellent carpet and upholstery cleaner, Rescue’s main purpose is to eliminate and deodorize organic waste. Rescue might not have the potential spot removing power as a dedicated carpet or spot remover depending on the severity of the surface stain.  

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