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Eclipse | Dual Action Ultra-Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser


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  • Dilute up to 12:1 with water remains remarkably effective

  • Free-Rinsing formula allows for speed when cleaning exterior or interior surfaces.  No product material will reappear days after the completed detail

  • Excellent for mobile detailers who utilize waterless washing procedures. Strong enough to remove heavy grime from exterior surfaces without the need for rinsing. Dressing, waxes, sealants, and more will not be affected since no remaining solution will be left behind in an invisible coating

  • Optic brighteners help restore the look of the carpet, plastic, and vinyl surfaces

  • Dilute 30:1 with water for use in an extractor. Will not clog the spray jets

Eclipse is the ultimate dual-action All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser in one! Usually, automotive degreasers should not be utilized within the interior of a vehicle or on a surface you cannot rinse heavily with water. The solution will remain around even if not visible, which can cause fabrics to discolor, carpets to stiffen, and areas to become more soiled quicker.

Our new solution helps assist the detailer on interior and exterior vehicle surfaces. This is especially important if you utilize waterless wash techniques and need a solution that you can spray and wipe.

How to Use:

It is vital to utilize the appropriate mixture when dealing with interior or exterior surfaces. We always suggest starting with the lightest blend possible to avoid excess chemical waste. Diluting Eclipse 12:1 with water should be sufficient for most standard interior details. Dilution rates for the exterior surfaces depend on the severity of the tires, wheels, wheel wells, engines, and other components. A sufficient mixture ratio of 4:1 or 6:1 should clean most surfaces.

Spray the solution onto the surface and let it dwell for approximately 30 seconds. This allows the solution to begin to break down the grime. You can now utilize a detail brush if needed or take a towel and wipe off excess solution.


Car Detailing Tech Tips:

  • When cleaning leather, understand that an invisible topcoat is present on the leather, which has not been maintained and worn; color transfer will most likely occur. The owner could have removed the topcoat by neglecting the leather treatments or a previous detailer who used the wrong cleaning solution and ruined the topcoat. Only a skilled leather technician can repair the topcoat once it is destroyed. Stop cleaning the surface. You are now removing the color coat when a color transfer is present on a towel.
  • Using a garden/pesticide sprayer makes hand fatigue nonexistent. You can apply the product evenly and quickly to ensure less waste and quicker even application. Cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently while saving time and fatigue
  • If possible, roll down the vehicle's windows to avoid getting Eclipse on the glass surfaces. If contact does occur and the solution is on the surface, our Optical Glass Werkz combined with our Glass Cleaning and Polishing Pad will quickly remove any residue.
  • Always allow the product to dwell before wiping. Wiping the product right away does not allow the product to work effectively. Allowing the product to stay for a short period (up to 30 seconds) will enable the product to break down the dirt and grime present.
  • The rag absorbs most of the cleaner when spraying Eclipse directly on the rag and then cleaning. Using the appropriate rag will help eliminate waste and produce better results. Microfiber absorbs products at a much slower rate than a terry towel. Using microfiber for the cleaning stage is ideal, where terry towels have better absorption properties.
  • When dealing with unpleasant weather conditions when mobile detailing, cleaning the interior of the vehicle first will allow the interior components to dry before the customer is ready to use the car.

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