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Waterless Wash and Coat | Ceramic Waterless Wash with Resin


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  • Quickly removes dirt and debris from the exterior surfaces

  • Gently lifts off contaminants while leaving behind  extended protection

  • 25% blended based, which contains SI02 and a modified resin

  • Resin provides excellent gloss, depth, and incredible water sheeting

  • Works on paint, glass, plastic, and metal. When using on glass, please use the appropriate glass cleaning towels to prevent unwanted streaking

  • Ideal for those working in conditions where water restrictions are in place, or there is no access to a hose

  • Use on coated and non-coated vehicles

  • Banana candy scented



Waterless Resin Wash is one of the unique waterless wash products on the market. With Greenway's exclusive resin and ceramic blend, you will quickly bring your paintwork to another level. Waterless Resin Wash is excellent for those who do not have access to water or little water.  

A unique blend of ingredients provides ultimate lubrication to safely clean components such as paint, wheels, chrome, aluminum, and door jambs. Waterless Resin Wash leaves behind a smooth, durable, UV protectant layer that provides protection for weeks and has unmatched water repellency.  

Waterless Resin Wash works excellent on all ceramic-coated and non-coated vehicles. With a 25% blended base which contains Si02 and a modified resin, you achieve long-lasting protection with unbelievable self-cleaning-like properties. 

Since Waterless Resin Wash contains Greenway’s exclusive modified resin, the product will spread exceptionally quickly. A light mist is all that is needed to achieve a just washed and coated appearance.


How to Use:

If the vehicle has heavy contaminants, it is best to use a few towels to prevent unwanted defects from being placed onto the surface. We advise you to complete the vehicle in sections and leave your final cleaning for the vehicle's lowermost portion. By cleaning the car in sections starting from the top to the bottom, there will be less chance of transferring any heavy debris from the bottom rocker areas to the rest of the body. We suggest using our waterless wash microfiber towels or our dual pile microfiber towel to complete this process. Mist the product onto the panel and wait a few seconds to allow it to start to work. You will see some of the contamination immediately run down off the body of the vehicle. Do not be concerned with any residue that travels down the body, as no streaking will be left behind.  

Take one side of the towel (if you are using a dual pile towel, take the high side pile) and wipe the panel in ONE MOTION using LIGHT PRESSURE.  Flip the towel to the other side and wipe away any remaining debris.  Move onto the next section. 

Complete each vehicle section while saving the vehicle's bottom portions, the rear tailgate/hatch/trunk, and the front end as their section. These sections typically receive the most debris and should be cleaned separately to avoid adding any swirl marks or other paint defects onto the surface. Clean the wheels separately using the same methods as described above. 

When attempting to clean tires before adding any tire dressing, it is best to use an APC cleaner such as Kleen It All for this step. While degreasers are more powerful, they need adequate rinsing when compared to our Kleen It All. Kleen It All does NOT need to be rinsed with water and will leave no unwanted solution behind on the tire, which would cause dirt and debris to be attached back to the surface.  

When cleaning windows, please make sure to use the appropriate glass cleaning towel to prevent unwanted streaks and left-over residue. Since this product leaves behind semi-durable protection, we recommend cleaning windows to use more than one glass cleaning towel to remove any remaining product.



Waterless Resin Wash can be maintained using any pH balanced shampoo but works significantly better when combined with our new Cloak Shampoo due to the shampoo not containing wax, which can alter the physical appearance of the surface. Use Waterless Resin Wash frequently without any unwanted visual buildup.  


Car Detailing Tech Tips:

  • If working in hot, sunny climates, it is best to clean the shaded area first and then turn the vehicle around. By turning the car around and always attempting to clean the shaded area, detailed products will work easier and prevent unwanted streaks.

  • This product works excellent for mobile detailers as a maintenance wash or when dealing with near-freezing conditions. Quickly keep your customer's vehicle looking like new with extended protection. Our Waterless Resin Wash will allow for quicker clean-ups on the next maintenance and allow you to detail a car that is not in such ideal conditions.

  • More is not better. Waterless Resin Wash only needs a light misting on each panel. By over-wetting each surface, you will utilize more towels, more product, and time.

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