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Greenway's Juicy Strawberry Scent


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  • Extremely effective odor eliminator and air freshener

  • Ready to use, but only a few sprays needed for effectivenessExtremely effective odor eliminator and air freshener

  • The scent smells exactly like the label name. No disappointments with this fragrance!

  • High-quality ingredient blend will ensure fewer applications

  • A few sprays last a remarkably long time

  • Helps remove odors without masking them



Greenway's Juicy Strawberry Scent has a refreshingly sweet and tart fragrance. Greenway's fragrances are highly concentrated and fortified with odor removing proteins. Greenway's scents smell exactly like their product name and last for a remarkably long time. You need only one or two sprays to freshen the inside of your vehicle. Our Juicy Strawberry Scent removes offensive odors without masking them. If you enjoy memories of grandma's freshly baked strawberry pie, Juicy Strawberry Scent is the fragrance for you!


How to Use:

Applying a fragrance to the vehicle's interior should be your final touch. After the interior is thoroughly cleaned and dried (steam cleaned, carpet extracted, or hand scrub application), you then can apply any of your favorite Greenway's Car Care fragrances.

Spray once or two veils of mist underneath the floor mats or vehicle seats. If needed, you can adjust the strength of the scent by spraying another spritz of the product.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • Always check with the customer for any sensitivity to fragrances.
  • Just because you prefer a particular fragrance does not mean your customer will also like the same scent.
  • Since our fragrances have odor-removing properties, it is advisable to use this as your light odor remover fragrance. Have a variety of scents on hand for your customers to choose from.
  • Desensitization to certain odors is possible when working with or around cleaning agents. Do not overuse any scent. You will need little product to provide peasing results to your customer since professional auto detailing chemicals are highly concentrated.
  • Always be sure to spray any fragrance in an inconspicuous area first. Although there has never been an issue with staining any custom interior materials or other unique surfaces, it is advisable to err on the side of caution.

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