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Greenway's Finishing Touch - Greenway's Car Care Products

Greenway's Finishing Touch


  • Quickly dress hard to reach places

  • Has an excellent fragrance that lasts for an extended time

  • Eliminates runs and drips from using a liquid-based dressing on components

  • Temporarily restore the black appearance to trim pieces

  • Non-greasy formula dries 100% to the touch

  • UV all-weather protection

  • VOC Compliant

  • Perfect to use during express detailing services where masking tape would not be needed



The finishing touches make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Those hard-to-reach places such as vents, exterior body trim, wiper cowls, door pockets, shifter boots, and other components can now be easily and quickly dressing with Greenway’s Finishing Touch.

Our silicone-based aerosol product sprays an even mist of a light coating dressing that makes those hard-to-reach places “pop.” The time-consuming task of dressing vents, door seals, cup holders, seat tracks, glove boxes, shifter boots, and creating dressing over-spray on painted surfaces is no longer an issue. Greenway’s Finishing Touch has a fantastic watermelon-type scent and is VOC Compliant.

How to Use:

Use Finishing Touch multiple times in different ways. If you have a hard time preventing waxes and sealants from getting onto your plastic trim, you could use Finishing Touch as a protective barrier before the compounding, polishing, waxing, or sealant stage. Using Finishing Touch on the exterior unpainted plastic surfaces, you will create a thin barrier to protect from accidental contamination onto the plastic trim.

While many professional detailers typically use several tape variations to mask off the exterior trim, this might not be needed when it comes to less intensive paintwork correction and protection. The less intensive paintwork correction and protection (e.g., One-steps, spray sealants, express waxes) are perfect to use Finishing Touch as your temporary barrier.

Vehicle Interior:

Greenway’s Finishing Touch is commonly overused within the interior of the vehicle. Since this a silicone release spray, it is not meant to use as a dressing for areas that can be reached by hand. This high gloss sheen in large areas might not be a pleasant viewing experience for the vehicle owner and create unwanted glare. Dressing large areas could be completed using Greenway’s Dress It All or Siligone.  Again, this should be for those hard-to-reach areas within the vehicle since Finishing Touch dries quickly, and you do not have to wipe to absorb any excess product.

Tech Tip/Safety Tip:

This dressing can create a slippery surface when used on a variety of surfaces. Never use on or around steering wheels, pedals, vinyl flooring, running boards, or any other areas where hand or foot contact can be a safety concern.

Finishing Touch is not a general-purpose dressing. Use this as a spot dressing for those hard-to-reach places, as mentioned above. Do not use this dressing as a “covering” (E.g., before proper cleaning) to speed up the process by not thoroughly cleaning the components first with Greenway’s Kleen It All or a like product. Even though this product can be used on rubber, attempting to dress tires with this product will be extremely expensive, and you can run into the issue of overspray on rims, brake calipers, paintwork, and more.