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Greenway's Glass Cleaning & Polishing Pad - Greenway's Car Care Products

Glass Cleaning and Polishing Pad


  • Remove light water spots, paint overspray, embedded fallout, and more from the exterior or interior glass

  • Ultra-fine steel wool safely cleans the glass without scratching, while the other side features a soft foam grip

  • Works well when combined with Greenway's Optical Glass Werkz window cleaners

  • Will break up smoke film residue from the interior windows for ease of removal

  • Do not use window tint


Many users make the same mistake of attempting to spray glass cleaner on the window or towel and then try to clean the window or windshield.  While this method will work for some, many users often neglect to clean their windows, which leads to a buildup of debris.

The interior and exterior windows will sometimes become coated with an invisible film due to many different factors. The window cleaning steps are similar, whether the film is from the owner (smoking residue, liquid spills, other contamination) or environmental factors such as particle pollution.

Always start with your non-window cleaning glass towel if necessary.  If necessary, we state that if you are sure that the interior or exterior windows are covered in light or heavy contamination, contaminating your glass towels is unnecessary.  Your first objective is not to obtain clarity but remove the contamination. 

Using an all-purpose microfiber towel will reduce the risk of contaminating your glass towels and help remove all the film buildup before the final window cleaning application. Using an all-purpose microfiber towel will also help prevent keeping track of the towel's side previously used or which glass cleaning towel is the dirty one versus the clean one. Using a separate APC towel (All Purpose Towel) can help you remove all the invisible particles from the surface first, make window cleaning, and obtain clarity very easy.

Using the glass cleaning pad can help expedite the process but might not be necessary depending on the severity of contamination present. Before moving to the glass cleaning pad, always proceed with the least aggressive method first, APC towel or glass cleaning towel, and Optical Glass Werkz (liquid or aerosol).

How to Use:

Achieving streak-free windows is one of the most challenging tasks, even for professional detailers. Obtaining clarity in your glass comes down to a few critical vital components:

  • Removing the invisible residue on the surface before attempting actually to clean the glass



  • Remove contamination as described above

  • Spray window with glass cleaner and chamois off

  • Follow up with glass cleaner again and 1 or 2 clean window towels to remove glass cleaner

  • Chamois should be labeled for glass use only or kept separate to avoid contamination

Tech Tips:
  • Always save the interior and exterior windshield for last as this is typically your most contaminated surface, along with the inside rear window

  • You can place your drying towels or chamois over the windshield's exterior if you are mobile detailing. Doing so will help reduce the heat inside the vehicle and make interior window cleaning more manageable, especially on the front windshield.

  • Never spray any dressing on the dashboard. Silicone is hard to remove, and overspray on the windshield can be time-consuming to remove

  • Using a dedicated window chamois helps during scorching and sunny conditions