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Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating
Element Shield Ceramic Coating

Element Shield Ceramic Coating




  • Professional grade ceramic (Si02) coating

  • Can last up to one year on vehicle surface

  • Adds depth and provides a wet look appearance

  • Can be layered to provide more depth and gloss

  • Can withstand automatic drive-through car washes with little to no degradation of the actual coating

  • Can be used on paint protection films and vehicle wraps

  • Cures in a few hours

  • Safe for all painted surfaces, chrome, trim, wheels, tonneau covers and exterior plastics.


Element Shield is a true ceramic coating that does not contain wax.  Many ceramic coatings on the market are simply “hybrids” or contain such a minimal amount of ceramic, that the coating simply does not provide a strong barrier against the elements. 

Element Shield will replace your current wax or sealant applied to the vehicle surface.  While polishing is recommended before the application of Element Shield, Element Shield cannot be applied on top of a wax or sealant.  A polish would be used to remove any minor defects on the vehicle surface prior to applying Element Shield.


How to Use

Element Shield is extremely easy to apply and can be used by anyone.  The most important step is to start with a very clean surface.  It is VITAL that you clay bar the surface and then proceed with an isopropyl alcohol wipe down.  This is important because if the surface is not extremely clean, the longevity of Element Shield will be greatly compromised.

Proceed with your normal washing procedures in order to remove any heavy debris from all the exterior surfaces.  Remember not to use a car shampoo that contains wax or any other drying aids that contain wax, because are primary goal is to remove any wax, sealant and contamination on the vehicle surface. 

After your washing and drying process is complete, proceed with the clay bar process.  You can either rewash the vehicle again in order to provide the lubrication you need for the clay bar, or you can use a quick detailer/cleaner such as our Minimal.

The difference between the above two methods will be beneficial to certain users.  While using soap on each section of the vehicle with the clay bar can be faster, it limits the ability to see the vehicle surface through the car wash solution.  Using a product such as Greenway’s Minimal, will allow the user to see the vehicle surface and the contamination being removed. Depending on how severe your contamination is on the exterior of the vehicle, will greatly determine what type of process you choose.  The end result is to make sure that all contamination particles are removed from the clearcoat surface.

After the clay bar process is complete, simply spray each surface with isopropyl alcohol (91%) and wipe away with a microfiber towel.  That panel should be completely free of paint contamination and any waxes or sealants that were on the surface.  Simply feel the panel and while it should feel smooth, any slickness that was once present should be now gone. Complete all the surfaces that are going to be coated in this method.


Polishing Stage

In our opinion this is an optional stage. While polishing will remove your minor defects from the vehicle surface, Element Shield will still work without polishing the vehicle.  Since this is a true ceramic coating, the coating is not fortified with wax or polymers that simply fill the surface to provide a swirl-free appearance while sacrificing longevity of the coating.   This stage will change the final appearance of the vehicle surface, but not how long the coating lasts on the surface.  Many vehicles that are lighter in color such as white and silver, sometimes are difficult to see swirl marks, light marring or other minor defects unless the vehicle is placed in correct light at a certain angle. 

If you want to have the best possible results, using a product such as our Critical Correction, Critical Finish, Flash Knockdown, or other Greenway’s polishes and compounds, would still allow Element Shield to adhere to the surface.  Never use a polish, glaze or compound that contains wax or sealant!


Application Stage

Make sure to start your application process in a shady and covered area. Since the coating does take a few hours to fully cure, you do not want the vehicle to get wet for approximately 6-8 hours.

Simply spray a small mist of the product on a microfiber towel or applicator.  Apply to vehicle surface and the product “flash” for approximately 1-2 minutes.  You might see a rainbow appearance which is perfectly fine as the coating begins to cure.  After the 1-2 minutes has passed, wipe down with a soft microfiber towel.  This panel is now done and you can proceed to the next panel.

We recommend to always work in a 2 foot by 2-foot section. This way you can easily watch the coating as it dries in order to wipe down the panel before proceeding to the next.  You can even set a timer for each panel to become more aware when to proceed with the wipe down of that panel.

Coat the entire vehicle in the above-mentioned process.


Maintenance Stage

Using any of Greenway’s premium soaps is an excellent way to maintain the vehicle surface.  Using household dish detergents or other harsh cleaning agents is not recommend for the coating.  While the coating is very resistant to many detergents, certain ingredients can shorten the lifespan of the coating.  Using Greenway’s RMB is the optimal choice for extending the life of the coating.  RMB will add gloss and a thin layer of ceramic each and every time you wash your vehicle.  RMB is concentrated, cost effective and speeds up the drying process. 

Since your vehicle is coated, no waxing or hand applied sealants are now necessary to use.  If you decide to remove the coating, machine polishing using a light correcting cream or a microfiber hand application will be necessary.  While Element Shield is extremely durable, it can be removed much easier than the long term (3 plus year) coatings.  This allows the end user to try different combinations of polishes before applying the coating.  This can alter appearance of your vehicle once it is coated.  Using Element Shield is also an excellent way to provide long term protection without spending $1,000 dollars or more on a professionally applied coating.


Tech Tips

  • Make sure to inform customer of the dry time. This is crucial to allow the coating to fully cure

  • Multiple layers can be applied for a better appearance and help extend the longevity

  • Inform customer on how to maintain the coating

  • Make sure if you are preforming a correction phase before application, that the correcting cream or polish does not contain any wax or sealant

  • Inform and show the customer any defects on the vehicle surface prior to the application. It is important to make the customer understand that this is not a filler type product, but a true coating which does not mask paint defects. A customer might than decide if professional polishing is in their budget




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