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Easy Slide Clay Bar Lubricant and Paint Preparer


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  • Creates a slick surface for the claying process

  • Easily slides over the surface

  • Will not deteriorate any clay bar or synthetic type clay

  • Help prevent micro marring on the vehicle surface

  • Extends the life of your standard clay bar



Easy Slide Clay Lubricant is essential when completing the clay bar process. Without any lubrication between the clay and surface being cleaned, any clay product you attempt to use will not glide across the surface. This product can help protect against micro marring, clay product deterioration and will help prepare the paint for further correction and protection steps you are completing.

Easy Slide also is a unique type of clay lubricant. While Easy Slide does not contain any wax, Easy Slide will aid in the claying process and help further provide a smooth surface to the contaminated area. A smoother surface will help speed up the compounding, polishing, or sealing stage.


How to Use:

After your prep wash (bug removal, tar removal, general washing stage) is complete, spray Easy Slide on the contaminated surface. Take your clay product of choice and begin to move the product back and forth on the vehicle surface. You can then dry the area with a microfiber towel and feel the texture. If you still feel the grit, you will have to continue until the paintwork or other surface is smooth from contamination.

It would help if you NEVER use clay on tar or other surface contamination where the clay bar or product can be ruined, like the bottom few inches of the vehicle, which has heavy debris, that is not removed during the wash stage. If this is the case, use Tar B Gone on these surfaces. After removing the tar, paint, and other heavy road debris, thoroughly rinse with water. Now it is safe to proceed with claying this area of the vehicle.


Why is Clay so important?

Completing the claying process is extremely important. If contamination is on the vehicle surface, any product you try to use will not adhere properly to the surface. You are applying wax, sealant, ceramic coating, polish, or another type of product over existing debris. As these products will wash off the paint surface, protection will not be provided.

Buffing pads will tend to stick to the surface, and the product you are using will not perform adequately. Most cars need to be clayed, and bypassing this step will not achieve the best possible results.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • We do not advise on letting the customer choose whether or not they have the clay process completed. If the vehicle needs further paintwork treatment, allowing the customer to bypass the clay will not allow any paintwork products to perform correctly and leave the customer unsatisfied. Ignoring the clay process can be easily felt since contamination still exists and during the rain. The water will only not sheet or bead adequately and display the areas where the product top coat did not adhere properly.
  • We suggest using Full Spectrum first before the clay process on new vehicles that have delicate paint. Some cars have soft colors and can become micro marred quickly. Full Spectrum produces the most delicate contamination removal process without the fear of causing any self-induced defects in the paint.
  • Most likely, you will not need Full Spectrum when you deal with a full detail that includes the polishing stage. During the polishing or compound stage, any defects will be removed. Still, when only performing a sealant, wax, or ceramic coating stage, it is advisable to proceed with the clay removal process's most delicate form.
  • New cars sometimes can have more contamination than used cars. Many vehicles need extensive clay treatment depending on the vehicle's transportation and where it is sold. These steps are usually not completed by the onsite detailer, and the customer is left to believe that since their car is new, detailed procedures are not needed. 
  • Offering a new car detail package can be a great way to earn extra revenue in a short amount of time. Many customers who spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle will not be hesitant in protecting their investment. It is essential to educate the customer why this procedure should help them understand that just because the car is new does not mean contamination is not present, and protection is not needed.

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