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Duo Spray Sealant and Wax Detailer


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  • Polymer sealant and wax detail spray

  • Wipe on and wipe off formula reduces the time

  • Provides high-gloss, depth, and extreme slickness to any painted or metal surface 

  • Lasts for weeks on any adequately prepped surface

  • Use on paint, glass, chrome, metal, plastic, and wood

  • Non-abrasive product helps conceal swirl marks

  • Light cleaning properties help cleanse the surface while providing protection



Is wax "dead"? Not to us! As more synthetic products make their way to the market, many detailers use this phrase. While the wax is usually unable to compete with most synthetic sealants' longevity, a quality carnauba wax can create depth and a "warm" glow that synthetics cannot touch!

Duo Spray Sealant and Wax Detailer is an excellent solution for those looking to add protection, gloss, depth, and shine in one easy, quick step! Many of us do not have the time or the patience to complete a traditional liquid application of a polymer sealant or carnauba wax, or we might want to "boost" the current topcoat we have on the surface.  

High-quality carnauba wax can help take your paintwork to a new level. While it is true that most synthetic products can outperform the longevity of wax, carnauba wax can significantly help you achieve extreme depth and gloss when working with light-colored paintwork. This is where high-quality carnauba wax can be far superior to most synthetic-based products. What happens when you combine both a polymer sealant and carnauba wax in a sprayable formula? You now have Greenway's Duo Detailer. One of the most versatile products on the market! 

This unique premium blend helps you achieve an in-depth wet look to colors such as white and silver, which are typically difficult to "pop." Duo Detailer works exceptionally well on both light-colored and dark-colored vehicles. Duo Spray Sealant and Wax Detailer provide a durable finish that helps repel water, makes future washing of your car more effortless, protects from UV Rays, and offers extreme depth and slickness, allowing water particles to sheet off the surfaces. Duo Detailer is safe to use virtually on any surface! Use on paint, glass, chrome, plastic, metal, and wood!

How to Use:

The most crucial step of the detailed process is to start with a clean surface.  Preparation is key. Before using this product or any paint protection product, remove insect residue, tar, and paint contamination using a clay process or fallout remover.
Duo Spray Sealant and Wax Detailer are extremely easy to use. After washing and drying your vehicle, spray onto the painted surface, and wipe with a microfiber towel! You can also spray directly onto a microfiber or foam applicator, apply to the vehicle surface and then wipe off with a soft microfiber towel. It's that simple! 

Car Detailing Tech Tips:

  • Surface Preparation is essential. If the vehicle surface has contamination, you are merely trapping that contamination onto the painted surface. You will not achieve the maximum benefits of Duo Detailer, and the application will be more time-consuming.
  • Excellent to use when maintaining your regular detail customers. Keep their vehicle looking amazing while not sacrificing time! 
  • Polymer does take a few hours to cure fully. DO NOT use any strong DETERGENTS or expose vehicles to rain, if possible, for several hours after application.
  • Conceals light defects on the paint but is a non-abrasive product. If the vehicle needs extensive polishing or compounding, please check out our extensive line of compounds and polishes before Duo Detailer's application.
  • Click here to view some of our polishes and compounds you can use before Duo Spray Sealant and Wax Detailer.

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