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Deux 2-3 year ceramic coating - Greenway's Car Care Products

Deux 2-3 year ceramic coating


  • Provides excellent gloss, slickness, and longevity, which can last approximately 2-3 years

  • 60mL bottles provide enough solution to coat two full-size vehicles

  • A true 9h hardness help protects numerous surfaces

  • Superior hydrophobic properties

  • Help prevent vehicle oxidation, etching from acid rain, bird residue

  • Will not be removed when utilizing touchless car washes

  • Works on plastic, trim, headlights, and paint

  • Chemical resistant



Deux is a premium ceramic coating that provides vehicle protection for up to 3 years. Deux helps protect numerous exterior surfaces such as paint, plastic, trim, and headlights. The coating helps provide long-lasting protection against acid rain, bird droppings, oxidation, and touchless car wash detergents.


Paint Preparation:

The most important step in applying Deux is surface preparation. While a full corrective buffing process might not be necessary depending on your vehicle condition (swirl marks, scratches, etc.), having a clean, residue-free surface is needed to allow Deux to bond to the paint or other surfaces. Without having a clean, residue-free surface, the coating will not adhere to the surface.

We suggest using our Cleanse washing solution to help strip any remaining waxes or sealants off the vehicle during your vehicle wash. After the vehicle wash is complete, conduct a full clay bar process on all the areas where the coating will be applied.  

Once you have completed the clay process, spray all the surfaces coated with 70% or 91% isopropyl. Wipe off these areas with a soft, microfiber towel. This step will help ensure that no remaining residue is left on the surfaces to be coated.

If you need to fully correct your vehicle (remove swirl marks, scratches, etc.), it is vital to use a product that does not contain any fillers, waxes, sealants, etc. We highly recommend using our Critical Correction and Critical Finish to conduct these steps.


Application of Deux:

Apply approximately seven drops of Deux to the ceramic coating applicator. Move the applicator in a vertical and then horizontal motion to ensure complete coverage of the surface area. It is recommended to work in approximately 2-foot by 2-foot sections. It is important not to apply the product in excess. The seven drops should cover this area.


Removal of Deux:

Depending on the temperature and humidity conditions, drying time can range from 1.5 minutes to approximately 10 minutes.

  • 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit: Typical removal in 1.5 to 3 minutes
  • 60-79 degrees Fahrenheit: Typical removal in 3 to 5 minutes
  • 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit: Typical removal in 5 to 10 minutes


Towel Choice:

You must use lint-free, incredibly soft microfiber towels to remove any existing coating. After spending a few hours on the preparation stage and coating stage, it is essential not to create any additional paint defects while the coating is still in the curing stage. 


Curing Stage:

After coating the vehicle, it is vital to avoid wetting the car for a minimum of 6 hours. Depending on the temperature and humidity conditions, this stage can be quicker or more prolonged. After the application is complete, the coating will continue to harden for several days. We suggest avoiding any automatic or manual washing for approximately 3-7 days.


Tech Tips:

Product layering: While product layering is not needed, applying a second coat will ensure that you did not miss an area. Using a second coat will NOT extend the coating life to another 2-3 years.


Dealing with high-spots: If you end up with a high-spot, you can add more product to that area and wipe it off after 1-3 minutes. Depending on how much time passed until you noticed the high-spot, you might need to use a buffer and a light compound or polish to remove the high-spot. We highly recommend using our Critical Correction and Critical Finish.



We suggest using Rain Coat Ceramic Detail Spray to extend the protection, gloss, and hydrophobic properties of the Deux coating.