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Cloak - High Foaming Ceramic Resin pH Balanced Shampoo


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  • High foaming neutral pH balanced shampoo

  • Add a layer of protection to your vehicle's existing ceramic coating

  • Use on uncoated vehicles

  • pH neutral SiO2 resin blend contains no waxes

  • Safely cleans and protects any exterior surface

  • Streak-free, rinses easily, your choice of scent

  • Small batch blended

  • Shake well before use. Separation is normal



Cloak is the perfect shampoo to maintain your current ceramic-coated vehicle or add a protective coating on an uncoated vehicle. Cloak works much differently with a 25% resin-ceramic blend than many ceramic-based shampoos on the market. Not only do you get extensive beading action, but the water sheeting abilities due to the ingredient makeup are phenomenal. 

Easily use our super-concentrated formula through a foam gun or a standard bucket wash. Add 1-2 ounces of Cloak for every gallon of water to produce a thick-bodied, ultra-slick shampoo that rinses easily without leaving any streaks and delivers actual protection you can see and feel.


How to Use: 

For uncoated vehicles:  Make sure that your car is free of embedded contamination before use. Using this soap or any detailed product meant to enhance the paint will not provide exceptional results if your vehicle is contaminated. It is important to remove the contamination using a clay bar or another like contamination remover.


For coated vehicles: Add 1-2 ounces of Cloak for every gallon of water. Fill the bucket up with a high-pressure hose to create a thick-bodied solution. Cloak is exceptionally concentrated; you can typically get at least two bucket uses out of the same solution simply by re-filling the bucket. Make sure you are using a grit guard insert to help protect any debris from transferring from the bucket onto the wash mitt and then onto the paint. 

Wash the vehicle using a quality wash mitt from top to bottom and then rinse with cool, clean water. We suggest using two different wash mitts when washing your car. One mitt can be used for the upper portions of the vehicle while using a second mitt for the lower parts. Using two mitts helps prevent contamination from being spread from the bottom of the car to the top. Two mitts will also help prevent the creations of swirl marks and other defects from improper washing habits.


Car Detailing Tech Tip:

  • Never use a bucket that came in contact with the silicone. Silicone is present in many tire shines and interior dressings. This silicone will significantly decrease the suds produced from your wash solution.

  • If washing a vehicle in direct sunlight, wash the shaded side first, and rinse the surface. You can then turn the car around and wash the other side located in the shade. This method also works excellent when conducting a multi-step correction detail.
  • More is not better when detailing with professional supplies. By using a measuring cup, 1-ounce pump dispenser, or another measuring device, you will significantly save time and money. 

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