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Plastic Carpet Protection Film 200 Feet - Greenway's Car Care Products

Plastic Carpet Protection Film 200 Feet


  • 200 Feet of high-quality protective carpet film

  • Perforated every 21 inches and is 24 inches wide

  • "Dealer Must Remove" is imprinted onto plastic

  • Super clear film for a professional appearance

  • Premium glue for maximum adhesion



Dealers must remove automobile carpet film that will enhance your image and protect your vehicle carpeting with ultra-tough polyethylene that grips the surface to keep all dirt and contaminants out.  The film is wound adhesive-side on heavy-duty 3-inch cores and is perforated every 21 inches.

Protect carpet from the soil, wear, and weather with tear and puncture-resistant plastic film. Our plastic auto carpet protective film is strong, durable, and designed with excellent adhesion for up to 45 days. Plastic carpet protection film protects freshly cleaned or dyed carpets and give used cars a new car look and feel.

The film should provide enough coverage to complete about 60 vehicles when using the material on both the driver's side and passenger side of the car.

Note: It is essential to ensure that the carpets are completely dry before the film's applicator. Any moisture remaining in the carpet fibers will not allow full adhesion of the product to the carpeting.