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Striped Dressing Applicator - Greenway's Car Care Products
Striped Dressing Applicator - Greenway's Car Care Products
Striped Dressing Applicator - Greenway's Car Care Products
Striped Dressing Applicator - Greenway's Car Care Products

Striped Dressing Applicator


  • 3”x5”x”1 striped applicator

  • Poly-sponge encased with white cotton

  • Excellent to use when applying dressings, conditioners, sealants and other protective films to plastic, leather, vinyl, dashboards, trim pieces and glass

  • Cotton has slight cleaning ability properties when applied with the right product due to the texture of cotton

  • Machine Washable


Choosing the right applicator can sometimes be frustrating due to all the options available, but we are going to make it easy. This type of applicator is encased in cotton, but contains a poly-sponge inner material.  Why would you us this type of applicator over a microfiber towel?

Using an applicator allows you to spread the product you are working with evenly while minimizing waste. When using a product such as a microfiber towel, you are essentially applying the product, removing the product and absorbing the product all at the same time, make sense?

When using a poly-sponge type of product, while the sponge does absorb the product, by simply squeezing on the applicator, the product is further dispensed from the sponge onto the area you are working it. No waste, easier to maneuver into tight areas, easier to identify what was that item used for and to prevent decontamination when washing to your microfiber towels.

Silicone and other chemicals are EXTREMELY hard to remove on many surfaces. If silicone transfers from your applicator pad onto your detailing towels, even after washing, the silicone MIGHT be left behind causing issues with your towels.  Using an applicator allows you to keep all applicators separate and to easily identify what items should go together for your wash load.

While many detailers cringe when they hear the word cotton, cotton still has its place. Cotton can provide a light “cut” due to the nature of the material. This is perfect when applying light cleaners, all in one dressing cleaners and other protective films that have light cleaning properties within. By applying light pressure, this applicator will not only apply your product, but provide a slight “cut” or cleaning ability to the applied surface while still remaining gentle.

The only area where we would not recommend using this product is on an area where the surface is extremely sensitive to any type of abrasion.  For instance, soft clear coat vehicles such as certain BMW colors, Honda/Acura, Toyota/Lexus, Porsche and many other Japanese manufactures. These paints can be easily induced with micro-marring and other light defects from the mildest abrasive type of materials.  “Finishing” these vehicles out to a perfect finish is typically what separates a true professional from an enthusiast when the vehicle is placed in direct sunlight.