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Auto Detailing Clay Sponge | Medium Grade - Greenway's Car Care Products
Auto Detailing Clay Sponge | Medium Grade - Greenway's Car Care Products
Auto Detailing Clay Sponge | Medium Grade - Greenway's Car Care Products
Auto Detailing Clay Sponge | Medium Grade - Greenway's Car Care Products

Auto Detailing Clay Sponge | Medium Grade


      • Rubber polymer surface to quickly remove bonded contaminants from the paintwork

      • Quick and easy without the fear of any induced marring

      • Creates a smooth base layer in order to allow proper bonding of sealants, ceramic coatings, waxes or All In One products

      • Can be cleaned by simply rinsing off the surface

      • Can be dropped and used again unlike traditional clay

      • Amount of uses greatly depends on how the product is used and how much contamination is bonded to the surface


      Having a clean surface is the most important part of your detail process.  Having any type of contamination on the vehicle surface,  will not allow you to properly apply any type of wax, sealant, coating or an All In One Product. Most people do not properly prepare the stage for the above mentioned steps and end up with undesirable results.

      This medium grade clay sponge is the perfect solution when working on lighter in color vehicles or other paintwork where marring not a main concern.  This would be used when some medium contamination is bonded to the clearcoat and you are going to use a machine for your topcoat process or apply a product by hand such as a sealant, wax or an All In One. 

      Unlike a traditional clay bar, this item can be dropped on the ground and simply rinsed off. A traditional clay bar will capture all the contamination inside the bar which can lead to scratching on the vehicle surface. 

      Sometimes this bar is advertised to remove tar, road paint and bugs. We believe that this should not be used for those purposes as the the bar will quickly deteriorate and possibly end up contaminating other areas of the vehicle.  Using a bug remover and a tar remover will end up producing better results in a shorter amount of time. 

      We believe that when conducting a full exterior multi-stage buffing process, the clay product that is used whether it is a traditional clay bar, a fine grade sponge or a medium grade sponge is not that relevant.  Any type of minor defects that can be caused will be easily removed during these steps. 

      While it is always best to avoid inducing any type of defects onto the vehicle surface, extremely light cut clay sponges can sometimes take a very long time for complete contamination removal.  When a vehicle is heavily contaminated, using this medium grade clay sponge or a traditional clay bar will yield faster and superior results. 

      While it is impossible to say exactly which bar is best suited for each vehicle without actually seeing and feeling the surface, we suggest the following:

      Fine Grade Sponge:  Excellent when detailing a dark in color vehicle or other sensitive paintwork (certain vehicles have hard or soft paint) where minimal contamination is present.

      Medium Grade Clay: Works well at removing contamination faster, but can possibly lead to some marring on dark or sensitive paintwork.  Great for detailing lighter in color vehicles whether the surface is going to be buffed or just hand finessed, since any type of marring will be almost invisible to the eye.  Can be used on dark and sensitive vehicles when a machine applied buffing product will be used or a hand glaze that will fill the surface.

      Traditional Clay Bars: Great to use when speed is of a concern and/or heavy contamination is present.  This type of clay treatment provides superior "cutting" to the sponge type of clay, but cannot be dropped on the ground and buffing will most likely need to be conducted on your darker in color or sensitive paintwork surfaces.