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Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating
Airamic - Ceramic Coating

Airamic - Ceramic Coating


  • A unique hand-applied or machine application ceramic coating sealant

  • Unique air curing process creates a “blanket” of protection as it cures for approximately 96 hours after application

  • Coating lasts up to two years, depending on the vehicle’s maintenance routine

  • Applies and spreads with ease. Very useful when dealing with “soft” sensitive paintwork

  • A mild polishing or finishing pad can be used to speed application and provide gentle correction

  • Works on paint, glass, trim, plastic, tires and rubber, metal, and more

  • Fine mist trigger helps prevent oversaturation of painted surface

  • Trigger included only with 8 ounces and 16-ounce products 



Airamic is a unique ceramic coating that provides excellent gloss, longevity, slickness, and depth to various surfaces.  Airamic is extremely easy to apply and removed by the car enthusiast or a professional detailer. Airamic provides longevity for up to 2 years, depending on the vehicle maintenance routine.

Airamic is also unique as it allows the user to apply the coating by hand, just like traditional ceramic coatings, or use a slow-speed polisher. This type of application is especially beneficial when working on large surfaces where hand application can be tedious. 

Airamic can be applied to virtually every exterior surface and works excellent on vehicles, RVs, boats, and off-road vehicles encompassed by plastic, rubber, and metal.


How To Use:

The most crucial part of applying Airamic is the preparation stage.  While removing paint defects is not necessary, the finished product will be more appealing.  We suggest using Greenway’s Critical Compound and Critical Polish when correcting the surface before applying Airamic.

Whether you decide to corrective buff the vehicle or not, please ensure that you remove any remaining residue and do a complete wipe down of the vehicle surface with Greenway’s FreshFresh will ensure that any chemical component is obliterated from the vehicle surface to allow Airamic to adhere to the applied surface. Airamic will not bond or cure surfaces with existing waxes, sealants, overspray, grime, or other debris. Removing residual residue is the most critical step of the entire process. Failure to properly prepare the vehicle surface will not allow Airamic to create a bond.

Apply Airamic to a soft microfiber applicator or ceramic coating applicator. Create an outline of a picture frame approximately 2 feet by 2 feet and then fill in the center using a back-and-forth motion. Allow Airamic to haze and then remove using a soft microfiber towel.  You can work in larger sections if necessary, which will not create difficulty during the removal stage.


Machine applied application:

While Airamic can be applied directly to the buffing pad, oversaturation of the pad can occur if you use the product in excess. We suggest spreading Airamic onto the surface as described in the above steps and then machine apply. A thicker application will NOT provide better longevity and can be more challenging to remove and lead to excess waste.



Airamic is resistant to caustic detergent washes, which might be necessary when the user faces winter weather conditions, and handwashing might not be an option.  You may use ceramic-based detail sprays such as Lithium, Rain Coat, or RMB to extend durability when utilizing touchless car washes. You may use these products during routine bucket washes or foam cannon wash applications.


Tech Tips:

  • Paint preparation is vital. Always prep the paint thoroughly to ensure Airamic can completely cure
  • Inform the customer not to wash the vehicle for the next 96 hours. While the car can get wet, detergent washing will disrupt the air curing process and not allow Airamic to “blanket” the surface
  • When utilizing a machine application, do not use Airamic with heavy cut polishing or compounding pads. Airamic is not for correcting severe paint defects. Apply Airamic with a foam or microfiber polishing or finishing pad
  • Applying Airamic too thick will not produce long-lasting protection. Thicker applications can cause product removal problems will lead to sensitive paint marring. If overapplication occurs, use a wax-free detail spray to aid in removal.